A Morning Mangosteen Tea!

Taking mangosteen tea early in the morning instead of instant coffee. There is no special thing about this! No uncommon ingredients. Not trying to practice a healthy lifestyle. I prepared and drank some before sleeping last night. This mug on my table was a leftover.

mug of mangosteen tea

Update: Yet Another Trial of Healthy Mangosteen Concoction

I harvested the setup a day before due. It can’t be helped, I have office work tomorrow and sure will be busy finishing some reports.

Before opening, a bulging plastic cover can be noticed. It was due to carbon dioxide build up within the spacious headspace.  It created a partially anaerobic environment preventing the growth of unwanted molds.

a jar with a bulge plastic coverI ripped off the cover and the winy astringent aroma quickly ran thru my senses. No signs of mold growth on the surface so all I have to do is get the dark red liquid and put it into good use. fermented mangosteen rindfermented mangosteen rind extract

I took a sip. It is slightly fruity and strongly astringent. Flavor differences from my previous trial was negligible.

Yet Another Trial of Healthy Mangosteen Concoction

I was repeating the procedure of healthy mangosteen concoction. The first one I made had white mold growths. White molds in general are not dangerous and should be negligible. The final product can be consumed safely. The type that I should be afraid of are the black molds. However, molds, regardless of the color make me worry. I wanted a product without any of them.

I secured another set of mangosteen fruits and repeated the process. I included the delectable flesh. Followed the same 1:1 mangosteen to sugar ratio.  And… to prevent the mold growth, I covered the jar with polyethylene plastic and fixed it tightly with a masking tape. This sealing mechanism will trap carbon dioxide produced by fermentation process but allows exit of excess (thus preventing possible jar burst) and restrict the entry of oxygen which is required for mold growth. In case the seal is too tight to allow exit of too much CO2, the polyethylene cover will slowly bulge, giving me a sign to do extra measure.

I am also hoping that inclusion of delectable mangosteen pulp counteracts the astringent taste to some extent.

yet another set of mangosteen fruits mangosteen sugar after few hoursUpdate expected after 15 days. Jump to read the update.

Mangosteen Healthy Concoction – The Update

I doubted my work because of some nasty mold that grew on top. This would never have happened if I did an extra effort of getting weights that would sink all the woody mangosteen peels. After few days, the surface of floating peels dried sufficiently allowing the growth of native fungal spores. The air entering the lid of loosely capped jar helped its progress.

The actual plan was to harvest the setup after 15 days. However, the unexpected mold growth appeared. I set it aside for later disposal.

Lately, our friend Dennis saw the product in question. He said, white mold growth on top is natural and won’t do any harm. The mold that should be avoided are black types. The growth are just on top. It can be removed easily by scooping with spoon. If anyone is still in doubt, it can be poured to plant media  – beneficial for plants growth. Make another batch and do some extra measures to prevent the molds.

I visited the three jars again after over one month. Instead of disposing, I scooped out the molds on top. Placed them on pot of soil for later use. I also removed the peels, including the mango flesh and put them to pot. The two jars with minimal molds smelled like delectable wines while the jar with top covered entirely with molds smelled slightly bad. I save the first two jars and the latter – thrown it again to pot.

first jarsecond jarremoving third jar mold growthafter mold removal

A Unique and Healthy Mangosteen Concoction

A per suggestion of Dennis, I am going to add one measure of sugar per measure of mangosteen and ferment it for 15 days. It is going to result to a unique and healthy drink.

I got a set of mangosteen peels from my sister. The pulpy seeds should be included in the mix so I am bit puzzled. The pulpy seeds are moisture rich. It helps moisturize the added sugar and turn it to liquid eventually. The moisture within the peels is surely not enough to do the same. My choice are, add some water to  1:1 sugar to peel ratio or follow the recommended but use syrup instead.

A radical change of plan. I saw a 60 °Brix syrup in refrigerator. I used it instead of sugar crystal. I also found some ripe mangoes on table. I added some of it to replace to loss pulpy mangosteen pulp.

Here are the series of non standardized operations in pictures. I need to wait fifteen days to see the outcome.

chopped mangosteen peels india carabao mango60 degree brix syrupmangosteen peels and mango pulp in jarpeels added with syrupI still plan to make another set using the original procedure stated by Dennis.


I felt sorry that I need to terminate this sooner than expected. Curiosity forced me to open the jar. I saw some unwanted mold growth on top. It was my  mistake. I will be more careful next time. I promised! I will repeat this one.

moldy fermented mangosteenmoldy mangosteen concoction======

read the update

Tinkering with the Chopped and Dried Mangosteen Peels

I think I did something wrong with the mangosteen peels I dried before. It was perfectly dried based on my senses. However, it became too hard to pound in mortar and pestle. It gonna break the ceramic and it would take forever with a wooden one. I could barely break a piece with my teeth. I would have a hard time converting it to smaller pieces with a manual corn mill either. I should have chopped it to smaller pieces when still fresh. On the other hand, it was not the time for regret. Re-wetting, re-chopping and re-drying was not a good option.

chopped dried mangosteen peelsDo not worry too much about the size if a commercial heavy duty mill is available. It will will break it to pieces  regardless of the size and hardness.

The hot beverage preparation. Lazy mode. I dropped all the dried mangosteen pieces in mug. Filled it with hot water from the hot and cold water dispenser and covered it. I know a hard wood flavor won’t disperse easily in water not as hot as boiling. I patiently waited almost fifteen minutes before opening.

What I saw next was not as nice as I was expecting. The solution became slightly brown with numerous yellow dots and some candle like specs floating on surface. The yellows came from the peels which I can see clearly. I have no idea bout the candle like specs.

infused mangosteen peelsI felt like drinking a wood infused water with slightly astringent taste. It was so different that what I drank before.

The peel pieces were sinking one by one as I drink.



I tried grinding it in manual corn meal. I set the burrs loose so I could easily turn the rotating handle. Too loose won’t be effective in reducing the particle size so I was tightening the burrs a bit for every run. I did over ten runs but  never attained what I wanted. Rotating the handle became harder and harder up to the point when I couldn’t turn it anymore.

dried mangosteen peels before grinding trialdried mangosteen peels after grinding trialSee Mangosteen Powder – Shredding Before Drying.