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Dried Ginger and Meat in Cup Noodles

ginger slices

There are real ginger slices in instant cup noodles, as well as other dehydrated vegetables and meat. It is amazing how technology advancement made such thing possible. Retaining green vegetable colour is advance technology. It is not something that can be done at home with minimal capital and crude equipment. Dehydrated meat is not. Dried […]

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Selling Rat Meat As Lamb

I think rat meat is perfectly edible. Some of my relatives claimed they ate such before. They have been television stories in which the topic is a man who love eating rats. My cat and the previous cats I had were hunting and eating rats. No reports of rat poisoning so far or studies about […]

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Losing Meat Identity and DNA Based Detection

Different meat types can be easily distinguished from each other when raw. One of the most prominent and easily identifiable features is color. Chicken is white, pork is pale red (pinkish) and beef is dark red. The next two prominent characteristics come into play when the meat are cooked, the texture and flavor. Chicken is […]

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MAGIS 2.0 | Machine For Determining Double Dead Meats And Other Improperly Handled Meats

Animal raisers and meat traders continue to sell double dead meats in spite of strict authority’s eye. I wonder if implementation is really strict. Maybe a heavy punishment is going to help. In order to facilitate the seizing of badly slaughtered meats, ten high school students of Dr. Yanga’s College, Bocaue Bulacan invented the MAGIS […]

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