Ulasimang Bato Salad, Pansit Pansitan

ulasimang bato

I have a previous post of How to make Pancit Pancitan Tea. This medicinal herb is getting popular because it is one of the ten medicinal herbs approved by the Department of Health.

This herb is a cure for rheumatism and gout. If you are interested on how to cure these two illness or how to make a tea out of it, you can view it here.

I gathered another set of ulasimang bato not to cure illness or make some tea. Another use of this herb is for salad.

I wanted a plain salad so I can taste its flavor clearly. I washed it thoroughly with running water. Rinse. I spread some mayonnaise. I ate it outside our house so I can spit it immediately in case the taste was awful.

Luckily, the leaves taste good but the stalks have a slight astringent taste like raw pechay stalks. The astringency remained in my sense of taste for about 2 hours.

Just like any kind of fruits and vegetables, medicinal herb is better and more potent when taken fresh. So better eat this herb fresh.

ulasimang bato