Tablet Intake, Colon Cancer and more…

Taking medications when sick is good but not always beneficial. This thought came to my head again when someone told me the relationship of medicine intake and colon cancer. Scary! What we think should help us do harm instead.

Tablet intake is one of the causes of colon cancer. Medicines that are suppose to dissolve in small and large intestines are readily digested upon arrival to stomach. Do not know what the next story but perhaps the cancer risk is higher on high tablet intake.

Ever heard of the term “mag-asawang gamot (coupled medicine)“. It is a popular buy from sari-sari store and often recommended by store owners and neighbors. It’s a combination of pain reliever and antibiotic (don’t know the specific brand names). The latter should only be taken upon doctor’s prescription. There is a risk of antibiotic resistance. Continue the indiscriminate intake and there is no antibiotic type working on you sooner or later. I know someone who is severely suffering from such. He became a regular hospital customer, often needed confinement from a common cold.

Pain reliever only helps alleviate the pain. It never do anything to pull out the root cause. Taking it during gout attack will only ease the pain or shorten the duration but will never help in prevention of future and more severe occurrences. Proper diet and regular exercise is the way to go.

Asking second opinion cost money. However, beating the wrong diagnosis will surely cost less than taking wrong medication. I knew two persons who took rheumatism drug for a long time and later found out their problem were kidney and liver related. Their real diseases were worst when discovered.

You Might Be Taking the Wrong Cough Medicine

I heard and read from various sources that there are no real cures for cough. Cough is a natural body response to expel out bacteria, viruses and other harmful debris that enter the lungs. Coughing usually last from one to three weeks. Most are self terminating and never need any commercial medicines. However, there are several over-the-counter medicines to alleviate the symptoms.

There are two types of over-the-counter cough preparations, the expectorants and the suppressants or antitussives.

Suppressants such as Dextromethorphan HBr. The drug acts on brain, partially or completely stopping cough. It should be taken with caution as it impair the ability to cough. Too much phlegm build up might result to pneumonia. Maybe taken if coughing prevents someone to take a good night sleep.

Expectorants such as Guafenisin, Bromhexine HCl and Carboceisteine. Such are not made to stop cough. It act by moisturizing the lungs and thinning the mucus thus making coughing easier and more productive. Coughing stops when all the debris are expelled.

Other medicines combined with cough medicine or taken separately:

Decongestant such as Phenylephrine HCl. It loosens and clears air passages for easier breathing.

Salbutamol. I am not sure under which category it belongs. It treats bronchospasms or the narrowing of bronchi and bronchioles airways. I think it belongs under decongestants.

Pain relievers such as Paracetamol. Coughing causes strain on abdominal muscles. Prolonged and chronic symptom may cause pain, the painful coughing and sneezing. Pain relievers alleviate pain.

Antibiotics. Should only be taken with doctor’s prescription. Recommended to kill bacterial or to prevent bacterial infection during the duration of cough.

Antihistamines. When my cough was causing series of sleepless nights, doctor recommended taking Cetirizine before bedtime. I can never find any evidence that it really works against cough. It causes throat dryness making coughing more difficult.

Stronger cough medicines are available only with doctor’s prescription.

Please remember that all types may cause severe allergic reactions and side effects. Read the included brochure carefully. Stop medication if side effects manifest.

The Sweet and Fruit Flavored Medicine and Nutrient Supplement for Kids

Mommy, I will not take that medicine. It taste bad. I will not take that even if you hit my hip hard!

The situation is also happening to us now. Every time we give vitamins or medicine to our toddler, he keeps his mouth shut and shaking his head left and right. Telling him  that it is a food will not work because he is well aware that it is a medicine or multivitamins. We take time playing and playing and give to him by chance. But he often spit it out in case of success. A real pain.

Based on my experiences, not all medicine taste bad but most of them do. The worse, some of them have a bitter taste, a surely rejected by kids.

I really hate fever when I was a kid. Mom will buy a paracetamol and give it to me. I was having a hard time taking it. It was so bitter. It lingers in my mouth for more than one hour.

Now, there are many medicine and nutrient supplement just made for kids. Giving them to your toddler wouldn’t be hard. They are sweet and fruity – added with fruit flavor such as orange, strawberry, mango and grapes.

orange flavored multivatamins

However, the trick is not always effective. This will only work if all the medicine and supplement given to children are all delectable. Cases in which the needed medicine is bitter cannot be avoided.

This was my observation on our one year old toddler: If all his medicine are deliciously sweet, he often grabs the medicine cartons and bottles even if its not yet time to take it. He is also grabbing the medicine dropper. He can’t wait. But  as soon as he tasted a bitter drug, his mood suddenly change. He never wants to take any syrup.

The Fake Green Tea : A Cure-All Medicine?

Do you know the name of this plant below? Please tell me the real name of this plant!

People in our place called it green tea. Maybe because they are boiling the leaves and drinking it like a tea. Or maybe because the resulting decoction is color green. I just call it fake green tea – I know its not the real thing.

They also stated that this is a cure-all medicine.

fake green tea

This plant grow in mom’s garden. No one planted it. Many people passing by are asking for some leaves. They are saying that it can cure many diseases. They drink it regularly.

Mother-in-law used it as cure for her stomach ache.

Me, mom and brother are drinking it in case of cough. Very effective for me.

She used it a while ago as cure for her dysmenorrhea.

Friends’ family doctor said it is indeed a cure for many illnesses.

I gonna get picture of whole plant tomorrow and post it for easy identification. Hope someone can identify it!

update as of june 17, 2011

Here are the two more pictures of fake green tea. They look like a vine but they are shrub with succulent stems. The leaves has a slight smell of atangya but will be gone after boiling. Can be eaten fresh for its health benefits. The taste is bland with a slimy mouth feel.

fake green tea plant close up

fake green tea plant

update as of june 28, 2011

The leaves below are from bayabas, rambutan and fake green tea. A friend said, the plant is called luk wat, from the word “look what”. The fake green tea leaf  looks like bayabas leaf and rambutan leaf.  They cannot decide which is more similar so they just called it “luk wat“. Does it make sense?

rambutan bayabas leaves

Taking Medicine On Full and Empty Stomach

assorted medicine boxes

My head is achy. Feels like someone is hammering it repeatedly. I cannot do my routine household choir and daily assignments. Then mom told me to take medicine right after eating. Never take a medicine when hungry or stomach upset may occur.

For me the above scenario holds true until my baby boy’s pediatrician says something different. Most of the medicine she prescribes should be taken on full stomach. But this medicine should be taken about one hour before feeding and any food should not be given for approximately one hour. The doctor further explained that milk and other food will hamper its absorption. If I am not mistaken, the medicine is the iron supplement.

assorted medicine boxes

Some medicine should be taken on full stomach and some should be taken on empty stomach. This is in accordance with US Food And Drug Administration Statement:

Does it matter if I take a medicine on a full or empty stomach?
Yes, with some medicines. Some medicines can work faster, slower, better, or worse when you take them on a full orempty stomach. On the other hand, some medicines will upset your stomach, andif there is food in your stomach, that canhelp reduce the upset. If you don’t see directions on your medicine labels, askyour doctor or pharmacist if it is best totake your medicines on an empty stomach(one hour before eating, or two hours after eating),with food, or after a meal (fullstomach).

Consult your doctor before deciding when to take your medicine. Empty or full stomach?