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Eggcheflan, The Experiment, Part 1

opened eggcheflan

My only aim were to get the liquid out of egg and put it back successfully. I assumed the rest were bonus if went well. Bill of materials: 1 Terumo syringe, 10 ml, with needle for 12.00 pesos 1 Terumo syringe, 30 ml, without needle for 37.75 pesos 4 eggs, 6 peso each, 24 peso […]

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Skimmed Milk Turning Yellow

The situation. I bought two packs of powdered skim milk. I think I used a part of  it for making pulvoron and pastillas. I bought the two at different times. I thought the first was already consumed so I bought another one. I ended up having two unconsumed packs. I let them in cellophane  but […]

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Choice of Infant Formula as Influenced by Compatibility and Financial Capacity

For optimum baby’s health, breastfeeding is recommended and done as much as possible. When mother’s milk is not enough or when she became unable to breastfeed, the choice of suitable infant formula comes into play. When my baby boy was born. The hospital recommended Enfalac brand. It was one of the expensive baby milks at […]

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The Stinky and Sour Milk

Stinky (maango, amoy baka) I was frequently preparing milk for my baby boy and now occasionally for my baby girl. As I was opening the milk can, the odor was spreading out and reaching my senses. It was bad, stinky, smelled like cow. The taste was not good either. I love milk whenever available. I […]

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