A Nicer Way to Serve Avocado Fruit

My professor asked us what is the favorite fruit of each of us. Each student stood one by one and cited his favorite fruit. Then one of my classmate said her favorite is avocado fruit. Professor reacted – she hated avocado very much and she have never eaten a single avocado fruit ever since. She explained that mashed avocado fruit looks like _______ — the one we expel regularly every morning.

I eat it but I never like mashed avocado. It is indeed looks like a  ___. The fruit is very delectable but I simply can’t take it inside my mouth every time its look alike comes in my head.

Big brother loves avocado very much and it doesn’t matter how it looks like. He is well aware that I hate mashed avocado. He always mash his avocado so I can’t  have some of it. I think he is not greedy. He just don’t want to give me some.

This is how I prepare avocado. I bet my former professor will also like it.

1) Choose ripe avocado fruit. Avoid too soft fruit as much as possible. Also avoid opening a rare ripe cause its taste is still bitter.
2) Cut to halves but take care not to slice the big seed. Remove the seed. Plant it in garden if desired.
3) Remove the peel of each half. Slice into cubes and place in a bowl.
4) Add evaporated milk and some sugar.
5) Serve.

avocado halves

avocado cubes with sugar and milk

I never planted the avocado seed in garden. I placed it in refrigerator. I am curious if it can be eaten. I gonna do some googling tomorrow.

Can Malunggay Really Increase Breast Milk ?

Uncle planted  malunggay tree beside their house. It was a request of her wife. The plant is known for its galactogogue effect, can increase the amount of breast milk. Human milk is recommended by experts. Consuming malunggay and preparations with malunggay leaves and pods can save money and make a child healthier.

The next was about sister-in-law. She started to take lots of malunggay leaves on the onset of her pregnancy. She was also making a malunggay tea in case her husband never wanted to eat it. The result: She barely had breast milk three days after baby’s birth. She was very frustrated but she continued eating the leaves.

My wife did the same when she was pregnant. She started eating malunggay the first day she discovered that she was carrying a baby. She wanted more breast milk for her future baby. She got angry every time I forgot to get some leaves. The excuse,”the leaves were too high and unreachable” did not worked. I should  climb the fragile malunggay tree – it was really risky! The result: She barely had breast milk. She pumped her breast for few weeks to help induce milk production but we failed. The milk production ceased after few weeks.

The same thing happened to my other auntie. She ate lots of malunggay leaves but she barely had breast milk.

I am not discouraging anyone to stop taking malunggay leaves or stop anyone believing that it is a galactogogue. I am just wondering if it is really effective.  It might be effective only to those capable of producing normal quantity of human milk!

malunggay leaves

How To Make Leche Flan Gelatin, The Leche Tin

leche tin

Its a leche flan gelatin, a mixture of leche flan and gelatin. Its not a pure leche flan, the sweet, yummy and mouth watering dessert. It can mimic the real thing with the right presentation. I was not given the right to make proper display cause this little thing was the only left for me.

leche tin

My auntie gave it to us. Her daughter prepared this low-cost alternative.

Whenever I attend any celebration like fiesta, birthday, baptismal, weddings and anniversaries, I am always looking for one thing. Everyone will say, “WOW!” when this dessert comes on buffet table. Menudo, mechado, curry, pininyahang manok and kare-kare might have leftover after the occasion but every serving of this dessert will never last a minute. The dessert is non other done leche flan.

As time goes by, less and less people are preparing leche flan. I cannot remember the last time I have eaten some. Oh my! What could be the reasons?

1) A recipe needs 12 eggs, only the yolks. The whites are not needed. What are they going to do with lots of egg whites? Fried eggs whites are not tasty. Whites can be included but it results in a bubbly and rough appearance.

2) Needs two cans condensed milk and five cans evaporated milk, medium cans. Seven milk cans plus a dozen egg are not pocket friendly.

3) The materials mentioned in steps 1 and 2 yields only 4-5 llanera. As I mentioned above, one llanera will never last a minute on buffet table. This is contrary to what the celebrant wants,  food to last to the very last visitor.

To sum up, cooking leche flan is very expensive. Preparing leche tin instead will save a lot of cash. Here is the procedure you can follow. Hope it helps.


1) Measure  one liter water. It can be increased up to 1.4 liters but I opt for one cause I want a firmer texture. Adding milk? Measure all the milk first and subtract it from the required water.

2) Add one pack gelatin powder (approximately 24 grams) gradually with constant stirring. I am using Mr. Gulaman jelly powder mix.

3) Dissolve all powder, add three whole eggs and 1/4 kg sugar. Stir gently until homogeneous. Note: more eggs can be added without affecting texture of end product.

4) Bring the mixture to a near boil and pour in llanera. Cool.

5) To serve: Remove from tray and place on serving plate. Pour caramelized sugar  on top to mimic the leche plan appearance.

Amount of sugar and eggs can be adjusted.


Goat's Milk for Milk Intolerant Persons

Goat’s milk or cow’s milk?  A friend of mine will definitely choose goat’s milk. Why? She is suffering from diarrhea or loose bowel movement every time she drink milk from cow. The problem never happens if she is consuming goat’s milk. how to pour milk in glass

She is selling goat cream cheese. Goat’s milk has less cholesterol and never causes diarrhea are her marketing proposition.

Goats are clean animals. Rarely gets dirty even if they never take bath. Never feed on dirty grass and on grassland where other animals just fed. They want clean house and will never lay down on dirty floor and dirty ground. They also want clean drinking water. On the other hand, cows are not as clean as goat. They can afford to eat dirty grass and drink unclean water. They can lay down on dirty grounds with mud, water and their own dung.

When raising the two animals for milk production, an extra effort cleaning cow is needed to remove any adhering dirt and microbes especially on udder. Lesser effort might be needed in cleaning goat. Insufficient cleaning might result to various diseases such as loose bowel movement.

There are persons born intolerant to cow’s milk. Allergy symptoms are recurrent ear infection, asthma, and eczema. Like cow’s milk, goat’s milk is power packed with essential nutrients but its greatest benefit is people who are intolerant to cow’s milk are able to tolerate goat’s. The reasons behind are not yet clear but initial research findings may help us understand:

1) Proteins that cause allergic reactions might be present in cow’s milk in large quantities. Goat’s milk might contain less.

2) Anti-inflammatory compounds might be present in goat’s milk. This prevents the trigger of allergic reactions.

3) Goat’s milk enhances absorption of copper and iron.

4) Oligosaccharides make goat’s milk easier to digest.

Goat’s milk is not recommended for infants. It lacks some nutrients that are needed by growing babies.

image courtesy of microsoft powerpoint

How to Make Rice Milk

boiling rice powder with water

Last November 14, 2010, My son was already six months old. We started giving him some solids foods. His pediatrician recommended giving small quantities of mashed potatoes, carrots and squash. Plain biscuits can also be given.

At his age he can also consume a rice milk or “aam” in Tagalog, the so called poor man’s baby milk. Doctors may recommend this to baby if the baby was unable to take mother’s milk and develop some negative reaction to commercial milk formula.

I remember my younger sister took only rice milk when she was over six months old. She developed negative reactions to breast milk and commercial milk formula.

She was unable to breastfeed. So we feed cow milk formula for our baby. Now that he is already six months old, I wanted to include rice milk in his new milk formula. I wanted to be sure that he have other option in case he developed negative reactions to commercial milk formula.

1) I searched the web to know the right proportion for rice milk preparation. The common formula is one cup rice of choice (some recommended healthier brown rice) to four cups of water. Mix and boil until slurry. Cool and allow sediments to settle. Then decant or pour into new container, take care not to disturb the settled sediments. Flavors of choice can be added.
2) My auntie is using an expensive ground rice for her baby so I bought an expensive ground rice too.
3) I never intend to replace infant formula completely. His current milk preparation is four scoops in four ounces of water. I just want to replace the one scoop of milk with rice milk. So I used 1/4 cup rice to four cups water.
4) With the proportion of 1/4 cup rice to 4 cups water, I prepared the rice milk using the procedure in step 1.
5) I prepared the mixture of rice milk and commercial formula by placing three scoops of milk powder in feeding bottle and filling it to four ounces with the previously prepared rice milk.

preparing  rice milk

boiling rice powder with water

Recall Order: Sustagen Junior Milk Powder & Alactagrow Bibo Trio

Food and Drugs Administration of the Philippines issued a recall order for the two milk products of Mead Johnson Philippines.

1. Sustagen Junior Milk Powder Vanilla Flavor (for 1-3 years  old) with FR-72110
2. Alactagrow Bibo Trio Milk Supplement  with FR-71538

FDA statement emphasized the following:

Continuous distribution of the said product presents gross deception to the consuming public and may mead johnson logoeven present risk of illness or injury to the consuming sector of the public, the young children.

According to FDA Philippines, the said products failed to meet the standards of Codex Alementarius commission for fat content. The standard fat content should be 3-6 grams.

1. Sustagen Junior Milk Powder Vanilla Flavor (for 1-3 years  old) with FR-72110 = 1.34 grams
2. Alactagrow Bibo Trio Milk Supplement  with FR-71538 = 1.5 grams

Mead Johnson revolted, because FDA statement may caused a huge damaged to their company. I even wonder the dangers of low fat content in milk. Is there any?. FDA issued a revised statement to correct some issues.

FDA Advisory Nos. 2010-009 and 2010-010 have informed the public the recall of the products Sustagen Junior Milk Powder Vanilla Flavor (for 1-3 years old) and Alactagrow Bibo Trio Milk Supplement because these did not meet the existing standards for the fat content level required for all milk product intended for young children.

However, the products Sustagen Junior Milk Drink Powder Vanilla Flavor ( for 1-3 years old ) with FR-72110 and Alactagrow Bibo Trio Milk Supplement with FR-71538 of Mead Johnson Nutrition (Philippines), Inc. have no safety issues and therefore fit for human consumption.

Mead Johnson promised to obey the recall order of FDA. They also stated that they will release new milk formulations to meet Codex Alementarius standards.

For children one year old and above, do you feed them with only milk? I bet not. So this fat can be obtained from other sources and this fat deficiency of milk products is not really an issue.