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The Cheese Bread Smells Moldy

cheese bread with a bite

Another cheese bread and yet another which smells like mold. However, there was no visible mold. Starting to grow I guess. Molds are use to make some cheese varieties. This sprinkled cheese perhaps is one of those. There is sure way of telling but I am not willing to wait and pay the price. This […]

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The White and Green Cocoa Molds/Fungi

I have been observing this for a long time. Whenever the properly fermented and dried cocoa beans were exposed to moist environment, the shells quickly absorb moist and the white to grey molds begin growing. Usually affects only the shell but it removes the nice vinegary aroma. The second mold grow right after turning the […]

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The Deceiving Moldy Sweets In Jar

These jelly looks attractive. Looks good with no signs of deterioration. Look again, top view with cap removed. There are two patches of mold growth. A jar packed with sweets such as jelly and jam can be very deceiving. Inspect the top surface carefully before deciding to buy. Do not buy if the surface is […]

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