The Original Pardo?

I think this is the original pardo mom used to buy when we were still kids. The pardo made of pure juice extracted from sugar cane. Boiled over a wooden fire until crystallization is achieved. The dark brown sugar with fine and irregular sized granules. It taste sweet, slightly acidic and sometimes have a bite of bitterness.

I rather eat it bare than mix with any beverage. I thought they were candies, a granulized candies.

What is the difference between pardo and muscovado sugar? I think, they are basically the same. The first unique characteristic is its particle size. Large and irregular particle sizes are allowed while muscobado are pound further to turn it to a finer powder.

Okay! That was just my rough observation. A sugar cane processor might help me clarify things someday. I am hoping!

It goes well with palutang and the sole reason why it was bought. It doesn’t suit well with my coffee. I find it too sweet.

pardo as palutang dip

sweetening coffee with pardo sugar