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Bars With Sprinkled Nibs

70 percent bar with nibs

At long last, I’ve got to try the hand crafted chocolate with cocoa nibs. I am doing it the way others usually do. Sprinkle some nibs after pouring and shaking the tempered chocolate. Nibs end up on back of chocolate bar after removing from mold. Come to think of it. Chocolate bar is all shiny […]

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Cocoa Nibs Tea / Steeping Method

steeped cocoa nibs

Now that I am satisfied with my main raw materials (cocoa beans) and the roasting process, I can try what I want besides making chocolate and chocolate drink. A drink made by steeping, brewing or boiling the cocoa nibs. Extracting only the flavors without including the solid part. I know a certain company is marketing […]

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The Peanut Butters

Which do you like? There are rather hard and dry. You almost see no oil separating to top. It is getting harder and harder to get as you dig deeper. It is also harder to spread and feels dry in mouth. My assessment! This could be less grease or added with filler like cornstarch or […]

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