Defining Non-Alcoholic Beverage | Featuring Cali Pineapple Flavor

Cali Non-Alcoholic Beverage, Pineapple Flavor. What does it mean? Does it mean it has no alcohol, specifically ethyl alcohol or ethanol. If it is true then all the drinks that never go fermentation, brewing and addition of ethanol belongs to the category non-alcoholic. I am sure there is something weird hidden in the term so lets go start digging.

non-alcoholic cali pineapple flavor

Here are the ingredients list. Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Malt, Citric Acid, Cereals, Artificial Pineapple Flavor, Caramel, Acesulfame-K, Hops and Anti-Oxidant.

The three listed items are primary ingredients for beer making, the Malt, Cereal and Hops.

The cereal may refer to any popular grain but probably it is none other than barley. Malt is sprouted cereal which contains several variations of  sugar namely: glucose, maltose, maltotriose and maltodextrines.  Popular use of malt is for beer brewing but is also being used for vinegar, bread and flavored beverage. Hops are flower of the hop plant. It is use to balance and bitter the beer flavor.

Expertly Brewed and Package by:

Brewed is the past tense of brew and brew is the technical term for beer making process.

So Cali is basically a beer. A non-alcoholic beer. Enough for the thinking and let us look for the real definition.

According to wiki it is a beverage with less than 0.5% alcohol. The drink still undergoes the standard brewing process. Then the alcohol is removed by distilling it out.

I think the non-alcoholic beverage is not manufactured as intended. Expertly brewing the beer just to throw the precious ethanol out is absurd. It was supposed to be a waste product of whiskey product.  The remaining liquid with minimal alcohol content and flavor are re-processed as non-alcoholic flavored beverages. An excellent idea that reduces waste and adds more product lines.