Nestle Maggi Rich Mami Noodles Recall Due to Salmonella Contamination

I bought a beef noodles this morning and I was looking for Maggi Rich Mami Noodles. I was  a little unlucky cause Maggi brand was not available. I chose another brand and went home.

Maggi unavailability turn out to be a lucky moment. Maggi Noodles Chicken and Beef flavors of Nestle Corporation were recalled due to Salmonella contamination. Hmm.. a dry good with Salmonella – a rare case. a cup behind bars

Nestle management immediately recalled all the contaminated batch to prevent possible dangers. Reports stated that some customers already bought the contaminated product. No report of Salmonella infection yet. I hope no one is infected and no one will be infected.

Anyone should refrain from eating Maggi Noodles with batch number starting with 11020 and 11030. Those are found with traces of Salmonella – an infectious bacteria causing fever, stomach ache, diarrhea, dizziness and vomiting that last up to seven days – by Nestle Quality Assurance Team.

Philippine Food and Drug Administration will subject other Nestle products under laboratory test to ensure public safety. Hmm.. !!.

Anyone should not worry about eating noodles with Salmonella. It can be easily eliminated by heat. However, there are some individuals with a habit of eating raw noodles – like me. I much some noodle pieces like a snack. Another mode of transfer is holding the noodles and flavor with bare hands or transferring them to other vessel before cooking. Ouch! We should still be worried!

I always emphasize this: Minimum of ten Salmonella bacteria are enough to make someone sick. One Salmonella might replicate to reach more than this number and will be more than enough to make you seriously ill.

The Making Of Extra Hot Noodles

extra hot beef noodles

Whenever I feel the urge to eat instant noodles, I choose either beef of chicken flavor. Too  bad cause they have no extra hot variation. The pancit canton has the extra hot flavor but I love sipping hot soup while eating noodle strands.  Noodle makers should consider making hot version.

To solve my problem. I gathered lots of hot chili fruit and dried them. I am keeping them in a glass bottle. I get one or two whenever I need.

She never like hot foods so I am only adding chili for solo food preparations like instant noodles.

I add two cups of water and one roughly chopped dried chili for every noodle pack. Chili is added before the water comes to boil. This allows more distribution of hot flavor to water before the strands and powder mix are added. Recommended noodle cooking time is only three minutes.  I am attempting to lengthen the immersion time of chili fruit.

The resulting noodle soup is very delectable hot. The mixture of beef or chicken flavor with the angry chili pepper is awesome.

extra hot beef noodles

Do not do this often because noodles lacks many essential nutrients. Having a healthy balance diet is always recommended.


I suddenly remembered that rice and chocolate drink combination is good. Maybe the combination of noodles and chocolate drink will work too. Maybe!

Based from the noodle recipe, I added a half tabliya chocolate tablet  to two cups water. Boiled it for 30 minutes. Added the noodle strands and boiled further for three minutes.

The resulting noodle soup was bitter, I drained the soup and ate the noodles. Maybe I added too much chocolate or the combination was not right after all. I will never try the recipe again.