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Parafin Wax on Apples

an apple slice

Have you heared of rumors of apples having paraffin wax? Suggestive of the thing “don’t eat it”. The same issue became a trend with instant noodles. It has paraffin. As remedy, intelligent netizens arrived to idea of double boiling it. During first foil, the paraffin will melt and rise up. Throw away the first boiled […]

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The Lomi Story

Our home town is just one to two hours away from Batangas. From Indang to Mendez, Tagaytay then down to Nasugbu, Balayan or Tuy (pronounce as tuwi ). Time can be shorten than one hour using  own vehicle running at reasonable speed. Transferring from one passenger jeep to another make the travel time longer and more boring. […]

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The Making Of Extra Hot Noodles

extra hot beef noodles

Whenever I feel the urge to eat instant noodles, I choose either beef of chicken flavor. Too  bad cause they have no extra hot variation. The pancit canton has the extra hot flavor but I love sipping hot soup while eating noodle strands.  Noodle makers should consider making hot version. To solve my problem. I […]

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