I Can Now Endure Eating a Non-Rice Breakfast

I was used to eating rice every morning. I feel weak whenever taking other meals. In fact, I still have to eat rice even if I already consumed five pandesals and a cup of coffee.

Guess what! I have been eating only pandesal every morning for the fast few weeks. My mother-in-law who was taking taking care of our baby girl go for a month vacation. My wife becomes very busy that she could not prepare an early breakfast. I could not do it either so I have been hooked by the nearest alternative, the pandesal.

I tried and endured it for one week. Did the same for the second week. Now, I can eat pandesal every morning without the odd weakness feeling. That odd feeling perhaps lies all in my mind.

I think the same goes for people who eat potato as main source of energy, take oatmeat for breakfast instead of white rice, just eat instant noondles instead of a healthy diet and this ice cold macaroni salad.  All meal listed basically give the same thing, energy giving carbohydrates. The feeling of fulfillment relies on mindset and not the real body requirements.

wendy's chilled macaroni side saladmacaroni side salad

How To Make A Cold Cooked Oatmeal

I am taking oatmeal regularly. Mostly after waking up and before going to to bed. I rarely miss my habit even if it is very irritating to consume warm foods during hot weather. I am bathing with sweat and eating hot oatmeal. It makes me sweat more.

Eating hot oat is like drinking hot coffee. They have the same weakness. Session during peak of the day is not enjoyable. Though many of my friends love coffee during lunch time.

The solution for this product weakness is doing the reverse. Hot drink during cold climate and vice versa. A popular coffee brand has been aggressively promoting its Nescafe Frappe. Coffee, milk, water and ice shake – the resulting drink is like a cold cappuccino.

Application of this idea to oat is simple. Make a cold cooked oats. A very refreshing cold oatmeal during hot summer days. I have three ways of doing this.

A. Boiling and Cooling – I am only doing this when I have many free time.

1) Boil measured amount of oatmeal and water for three minutes.
2) Let stand to cool, about 25°C.
3) Place in refrigerator until cold. Ice cube / tube can be used as an alternative.

B. Hot Water Method

1) Add water to oatmeal, just enough to soak all the oats.
2) Let cool, about 25°C.
3) Add ice tube. I usually skip step two when I am in a hurry.

C. Refrigerator Method – This one has the longest waiting time but the simplest. I often do this method.

1) Mix measured amount of water and oatmeal.
2) Place it in refrigerator for 15 minutes to one hour.

cold cooked oats

The Health Benefits of Oatmeal Avenanthramides

oats grains

I am preparing my own oatmeal drink by mixing two tablespoons of instant oats,  a teaspoon sugar and unmeasured amount of milk  in a mug. Then I fill it with a newly boiled water. I am drinking this simple recipe every morning. I used to drink coffee but switched to oatmeal drink eventually.

Two years ago, my doctor recommended oatmeal as part of my diet because it can decrease the quantity of bad cholesterol- responsible for blood clogging and heart attack. I am obedient so I am practicing the advice. I do not want to be attacked by the traitor disease.

Oatmeal consumption has other benefits besides lowering the the quantity of low-density lipoprotein, the bad cholesterol. Here it goes!

The study of Mohsen Meydani showed that phenolic antioxidant in oats actually obstruct the ability of blood to stick to artery walls. The substance called avenanthramides from oats significantly suppress the adhesive molecules that glue blood to artery walls. Sticking of blood to artery walls might cause narrowing of blood passage. It gonna end in heart attack eventually.Thanks to oats, this tragic event can be prevented.

The acclaimed benefits of avenanthramides never ends here. The substance may also contribute to relaxation of arteries and prevention of atherosclerosis by increasing nitric oxide production and inhibiting smooth muscle cells (SMC) proliferation.

Oat intakes is also known to reduce blood pressure.

oats grains

Avenanthramides also decrease the expression of inflammatory molecules, a chronic inflammation of arterial wall that might cause diseases.

A recent findings suggest that eating oat may help reduce the risk of colon cancer because of high fiber content and the substance avenanthramides.

It might also prevent the onset of coronary hearth disease.

image courtesy of rasbak /article excerpted from usda publication