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The Orange Liquor

If fruit of the citrus family could not be manufactured into wine, then what are those  alcoholic beverages named after oranges? The Orange Liquor or Triple Sec? As I told before, we had experience when almost all of our wine batches became sour a week or two after fermentation. There were even cases when wine […]

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The Szincom Mandarin

The WillyBee Dalandan (Szincom Orange) Extract with Honey. How is this product related to green citrus fruits called santunis? I am not sure. Maybe they are the same, just relatives or completely different variety. My taste buds suggest they are the same. This juice taste is quite similar to santunis. I did some research but […]

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How They Eat Dalandan, Santunis ?


In my home town, Indang, this fruit that belongs to citrus family is called dalandan or santunis. I want to know its real identity so I spent some time googling. The fruit may belong to following identities: Citrus nobilis Mandarin Sweet Orange Citrus reticulata Citrus aurantium Dalanghita Dalandan Kahel My effort did not give the […]

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