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Secondary Packaging as Display Shelf

carton as display shelf instructions

Don’t get the wrong idea. I am not promoting the consumption of instant noodles. I posted it because of the instruction embedded on the box side. It literally shows if the box is cut along the dotted lines, it can be used as display dispenser box. Food commodities are usually package within two containers. Primary […]

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Using Carton as Inner Packaging

Carton is often used as outer packaging material or secondary package. It is hard enough to take the shape of rectangle, square, cylinder, octagon or pyramid. It provides easy stacking option. Stack height depend on size and wall thickness.  Bigger size and thicker walling allow higher stacking. Carton is more presentable than laminated foil. I […]

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Do a Generic Labeling to Save Cost

The common barrier to aspiring food businessman is the cost of packaging materials. There are many business start-ups starting from ten thousand to twenty thousand pesos. They are low cost and very encouraging. However, some of the important details are not mentioned. Like the cost of packaging materials, bottles, labels or cartons. Lets start with […]

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