Using Freshly Pound Ginger As Pain Reliever

It was the fourth time I experienced toe pain. The fourth time was so severe. A reddish black inflammation was evident. Walking was not possible. A slight movement was bringing unbearable pain that was making me shout and almost cry.

I first thought it was just a sprained toe muscle. The first time – a short pain at night that lasted for about 15 minutes. Second – a short pain in early morning, lasted about 30 minutes. Third time – I woke up having extreme pain, it lasted several days. Fourth time – I woke up having an extreme pain. It was more painful than the third time, It lasted for over a month.

The symptoms I felt was closely similar to gouty arthritis. I refrained from taking pork, soft drinks and other artificial beverages. Endured the pain and moved it as much as I could. It worked.

I was very thankful to my mother-in-law. She thought me a natural way to ease the pain. The application of freshly pound ginger to painful area and securing it with a bandage. I was applying it before sleeping and whenever the pain became unbearable.

I think ginger works like a Salonpas and other pain relief ointments. However, the ginger is longer lasting. One application lasts overnight. Dipping the ginger in oil further lengthens its effect.

Recently, my younger sister felt a muscle pain similar to mine. Except that hers occurred on left hips. The first time – she had a massage and she was able to walk with ease after two days. The second time – she had a physical therapy session again but in no effect. She was shouting and crying by midnight. Her hips joint became extremely painful. Bringing her to hospital was not possible. The pain was very sensitive to touch and slight movement. The worst case, there was no where to buy any pain reliever tablets.

I advised the ginger thing. Mom wrapped around freshly pound ginger on her hips. After about 30 minutes, the feeling became comfortable enough for her to fall asleep. We brought her to doctor the next day. Her case needed an immediate attention due to her regular day time job.