Caramelized Pandesal Bread

They look like a slice version of banana cue. My son and his play mates thought it really were.

It is a good way of recycling unconsumed and toughened bread.

caramelized pandesal breadIngredients:

10 pcs. pandesal bread, sliced
2 cups brown sugar
3 tablespoon butter
2 beaten egg


  1. Slice pandesal bread.
  2. Deep pandesal in beaten egg.
  3. Heat in frying pan.
  4. Melt butter on a frying pan over medium heat.
  5. Stir in brown sugar until dissolved.
  6. Add pandesal.
  7. Roll until coated.
  8. Serve.

The Malunggay Pandesal

While they were in pediatric clinic, waiting for baby’s turn to undergo monthly check-up, I took about 500 meters walk to the newly opened malunggay pandesal bakery. My real purpose was to buy some malunggay bread so I was willing to wait even if there were lots of people in waiting line.

It seems this establishment is baking one and only product, the malunggay pandesal. Several racks with numerous trays are arranged around the room but all of them only contain the specific bread. I am hoping they could develop other healthy breads like guyabano monay, mangosteen biscuits, pineapple tart, mango loafs and the likes.

I got the bread after few minutes of waiting. Each bread cost two pesos. I ordered ten pieces so the damaged I incurred was 20 pesos. Not bad.

Each malunggay pandesal looks expensive. About two times smaller than what morning pandesal vendors are selling. It taste delicious however. The desirable flavor compensates for its smaller size.  My wife agrees. Perhaps other customers feel the same way. People keeps on coming even if the bakery offers the one and only bread line.

bitten malunggay pandesal on palmmalunggay pandesalThe bread is delectable but its taste is not suggestive of maluggay. I tried sensing the plant flavor but there was none. There are several green dots that can be seen on surface and inner portion. Its none other than malunggay leaves I guess.

Malunggay pandesal sounds like a bread made of malunggay leaves as main ingredients. Maybe the more correct term is “malunggay flavored pandesal“.


I took clearer pictures at home.

malunggay pandesal HD 2malunggay pandesal HD

The Malunggay Pandesal Bakery

Malunggay bread or the malunggay flavored bread has been out in the market place for quite a period of time. Though the product is existing, it is not usual for a bakery to make it a front liner. A main product to compete with the highly competitive bakery venture.

A rare sight. This newly opened bakery is selling Malungay Pandesal as its main product. A large tarpaulin is hung on establishment front.

malunggay pandesal bakeryIntroducing…. MALUNGGAY PANDESAL, HOT 24/7.

Health Benefits:
– Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron
– Antioxidant Food Ingredients
– Immune System Booster
– Detoxifier
– Good functioning of Liver
– Lower Sugar Level of the body
– Proper Digestion/ Anti-inflammatory
– Anti Virus
– Cleanser
– Good Blood Circulation
– Powerful Cure for UTI

malunggay pandesal signageI wanted to try but I was on the rush. There are several persons falling in-line and the sale staffs were busy on other matter I never knew. Anyway, I still have plenty of time to buy it later.


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