And Now, The Fake Pansit!

People seems wary of frequent fake scandals. There are just too many to mention. The latest is the allegedly fake rice immediately by fake pansit. The rice incident as of now is an isolated case, only one in Davao was confirmed. The latter is not proven yet. However, it is scary to know fake foods is growing at an alarming rate. The worst, it is happening to our staple food.

It makes me furious. These people are brilliant and yet they are using their talent to harm others. Why they can’t focus themselves on creating good things, like nutritious snacks.

Health authorities reminded people to be always cautious about the pansit (and other foods) they purchase and eat. Report if the quality is too good to be true and the prepared meal takes too long too spoil.

Now that there are too many fakes roaming around the marketplace, we should be thankful if our buys are not top of the lines. Be happy if:

1) There is one or two holes in fruit and vegetable. Showing sign of wilt and some part is already bad.

2) The rice is not of uniform sizes, dirty white colored and get spoiled after awhile.

If we go back to past a little, forging corn into rice grains is possible, the yellow corn rice. Then making the allegedly fake rice is not far from reality.

How To Cook Pansit (Pancit) Bihon

Thanks to my sister-in-law for cooking three kilograms of pansit bihon! Yesterday was first year birthday of baby Aedan. Happy birthday son!

Here are the ingredients she used:

squid balls = 1/4 kilogram, fried and cut to quarters
hotdogs = 1/4 kg, cut thin about two millimeters thick
chicken = 1 1/2 kg, cooked and shredded, set aside the soup, bones will also be included as flavor enhancer.
cabbage = 2 1/2, chopped
carrots = 1 kg, sliced to small pieces like a stick
baguio/snap beans = 1/2 kg, cut diagonally about 2 cm long
bell pepper = 3 pieces, sliced thinly
sitsaru = 1/2 kg, removed both tips
pancit bihon = 3 kg
onions = ten, chopped
garlic = half head, minced
soy sauce, fish sauce and black pepper
vegetable cooking oil or margarine

Here are the easy to follow steps:

1) Saute garlic and hotdogs for 30 seconds in a large tulyasi. Add onions and continue for another 30 seconds. Add shredded chickens and continue for one minute.

2) Add carrots, squid balls, snap beans, bell pepper. Add water to soak all the ingredients and boil for five minutes. Mix soy sauce, fish sauce and black pepper to taste.

3) Add sitsaru and cabbage. Mix well and transfer immediately to another container. Set aside. Leave all liquid to cooking vessel.

4) Add the chicken stock to cooking vessel. About one medium pail water is needed to plumb three kilograms of pancit bihon. Add water if the chicken stock is not enough. Mix soy sauce, fish sauce and black pepper to taste.

5) Bring to boil and add all the pancit bihon. Mix continuously until all the water is absorbed. Add water if the bihon is too dry. Strain it immediately in slotted bamboo tray if you feel the bihon could notd absorbed all the water.

Cooking is not always dependent on good measurements, it needs more of a good judgement. It is learned through practice. The cooking technique for half kilo pancit is different from cooking three kilograms and above.

6) Remove from fire and mix the previously cooked vegetables.

7) Enjoy!

cooked pansit bihon