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Various Tests on PET Peanut Jar

peanut jar with cocoa nibs

I did a few tests on this packaging material before, the peanut jar. Leak test, failed. Half-filled the jar with water and shook it. Water droplets were spilling out. It was not conclusive, however, I never used appropriate bottle seal. Appropriate seal? The jar lid should be sealed using induction sealer with appropriate seal for […]

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The Peanut Butters

Which do you like? There are rather hard and dry. You almost see no oil separating to top. It is getting harder and harder to get as you dig deeper. It is also harder to spread and feels dry in mouth. My assessment! This could be less grease or added with filler like cornstarch or […]

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How To Make Peanut Polvoron


Yet another polvoron recipe. I already tried the original classic, ube, tabliya and now it’s time to try the peanut polvoron. Powdered ube (purple yam) was used in replacement of wheat flour and tabliya in replacement of margarine. Student researchers from Father Urios High School, Byugan, Agusan Del Sur developed a polvoron out of ampalaya […]

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