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The Pan Roasted Peanuts

A vendor went up the bus shouting, “Mani mani mani, sinangag, walang mantika, hindi pinirito!” (Please buy shelled peanuts, it was roasted, not deep-fried, no extra oil! I was too afraid to buy though. It was the time my friend got hepatitis. His doctor assumed it was due to eating street foods. Sinangag or sangag […]

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Is Peanut Fat Harmful?

ordinary frited peanuts

Most people say don’t eat peanut to avoid getting pimples, zits, blackheads and whiteheads. I bet this statement is not true because there are no scientific evidence that peanuts and other oily products causes such. Acne are common to adolescence and not to other age brackets. If peanut really causes acne, a child eating peanut […]

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