How to Make Less-grease and No Sugar Peanut Butter

A peanut butter with no added oil, sugar, emulsifier and other preservatives.

Oil is added to give it a more fluid texture during milling process. A more fluid mixture is easier to grind in a burr mill or chop in a heavy duty blender. Some customers prefer more fluid or spreadable texture. And, it adds volume. Cheap sari-sari store brands often have very flowy appearance and might have generous amount.

Sugar. Added to fulfill the taste requirement of general public – the sweet preference for taste. All the peanut butter I have tasted so far are sweetened.  I never know much about statistics but some might be looking for a plain peanut butter taste without the hugging sugar sweetness.

A syrup adds volume and gives a less viscous texture.

Emulsifier. Most peanut butters have this kind of texture, a soft oily and flowy top but a dry and hard bottom. Sometimes a layer of oil is visible on top, seems like an ordinary cooking oil. A peanut butter with uniform texture from top to bottom contains emulsifier to prevent oil separation.

Other preservatives like antioxidants. Peanut contains considerable amount of oil and it is prone to rancidity. Antioxidant is added to prevent such. Naturals, like Vitamin E is acceptable, rejected otherwise.

Here it goes…

1) Get good quality peanuts. Buy peanuts with or without testa. Choose the latter to save the trouble of removing the thin skin.

raw peanuts with garlic

2) Pan roast peanuts as stated here. Never add any oil. Set the temperature to low and stir continuously to prevent scorching.

roasted peanuts with garlic

As I said before, roasting time is affected by quantity of peanuts. I roasted one kilogram peanuts for one our. I liked it garlic flavored so I also added three cloves crushed garlic. Another way to test end of roasting is by eating a roasted sample. It should be crunchy and no traces of raw taste.

3) Grind the roasted peanut using a steel burr mill. Pass it several times to achieve the desired consistency. Using a high speed electric mill is recommended. Using home to heavy duty blender is discouraged. A fine texture is not possible in absence of additional oil or syrup.

a coarse milled peanut butter

The Pan Roasted Peanuts

A vendor went up the bus shouting, “Mani mani mani, sinangag, walang mantika, hindi pinirito!” (Please buy shelled peanuts, it was roasted, not deep-fried, no extra oil! I was too afraid to buy though. It was the time my friend got hepatitis. His doctor assumed it was due to eating street foods.

Sinangag or sangag – a Tagalog word which means roasted on pan or in rotating drum. No oil is used. Cacao beans and coffee beans are cooked by this process.

The term roasted peanuts means four different things according to various recipes around world wide web, cooking by a) oven heating b) microwave method c) drum roasting – like coffee and cacao and d) frying in little or generous amount of oil. Item “a” and “b “can be done with pods intact.

The last mentioned processing method doesn’t seem right. It does not fit the description of the word “sangag“.The right term for it is fried peanuts. Here is the modified version of item “d”, without cooking oil.

raw shelled peanuts with intact testa

a) Put a frying pan on lpg stove. Set the flame to lowest setting to facilitate slow heat transfer and to prevent scorching. We are aiming for a light roast, not a dark coffee-like roast.

b) Place 250 grams shelled peanuts and one clove crushed garlic. Stir continuously for about 35 minutes or until the testa are brown. Take note that adding more peanuts than indicate will increase roasting time significantly.

pan roasted peanuts

I prefer smaller peanuts with intact testa. Bigger variety without skins, hubad, has inferior taste.

Enjoy crunchy peanuts without oil and salt!

Is Peanut Fat Harmful?

ordinary frited peanuts

Most people say don’t eat peanut to avoid getting pimples, zits, blackheads and whiteheads. I bet this statement is not true because there are no scientific evidence that peanuts and other oily products causes such. Acne are common to adolescence and not to other age brackets. If peanut really causes acne, a child eating peanut butter and chocolate would have an acne at his early age.

A peanut butter with rising oil on top may look scary. The layer of oil is a solid evidence of high fat content. In its pure form (peanuts only, without added fats from external sources), approximately 50% percent of peanut fat is monounsaturated. Unsaturated fat helps lower level of LDL, the bad cholesterol.

According to studies people who eat greater percentage of unsaturated fats have lower risk of heart disease, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer and depression.

ordinary frited peanuts

I am not implying to eat tons of peanuts. A healthy balance diet is still recommended.

How to Make Tabliya Chocolate With Peanuts

cacao tablets

I have a previous post about production of native chocolate tabliya. A natural baking chocolate without any added preservatives. Tabliya can be mixed with sugar or just plain natural chocolate. At first, we are only producing tabliya with sugar because they are easier to mold to a tablet like shape. It also cost less per piece. But due to insistent public demand, we are forced to produce a pure and more expensive version. Many chocolate drink lovers are diabetic so they want a real pure chocolate. Some of them are just health conscious, hate too much sugar.

cacao tablets

We already have two versions, “tabliya with sugar” and the “pure cacao”. Still, some customers are not contented. They are asking for tabliya with peanuts (finely ground peanut like peanut butter) but we keep on denying the request. The approximate shelf life of native chocolate is two years depending on storage condition. The self life of peanut butter is short, about six months depending on process, packaging and storage. Peanut butter is prone to rancidity. When tabliya and peanut butter are mixed together, its shelf life will be determined by peanut ingredient. We do not want the product to have a short storage life.

In case you want the mixture, they can be produce by means of these methods:

1) Mix the roasted peanuts with roasted cacao nibs before grinding. See procedures here. Adding too much peanuts can turn the mixture liquid forever.

2) Buy tabliya chocolate and peanut butter separately and mix them during cooking.