Canned Pineapple Cubes

pineapple cube

If it is not stated on title, you’re gonna have hard time guessing what this fruit slice is. I too had no idea at first. It is a yellow block sitting in between other fruit cubes. I got one, munched and told to myself, it is pineapple. It came from a rare ripe pineapple, pale yellow, hard and just beginning to develop desirable flavors.

pineapple cube

Why I said so? We buy and peel pineapples ourselves, we choose fully ripe fruits. If not available or not for immediate consumption, rare ripe is fine. However, we wait until its full ripeness. More often than not, we peel it when the bottom part is starting to get soft. It is when the fruit is at its flavor peak. Soft, juicy, sweet and sometimes have kick of alcohol.

Pineapple cubes from cocktail is far from what I described above. Fully ripe pineapple when cut to cubes and processed won’t hold its shape. The juice will become one with the liquid and fibers will spread out. In order to bring intact cubes to consumers. Rare ripe fruits are chosen. It can undergo various processing steps and still holding its shape. The major drawback is inferior flavor.

For a full flavored salad, or whatever purpose it maybe, hunt every fruits needed and do all the hardwork by yourself.