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Where Are The Seeds of Pineapple?

Do pineapples have seed? Yes, but only few people are noticing them. Pineapple in cans always come seedless. Whole commercial pineapple rarely have seeds and if they do have, they are just too small and partially hidden to be seen. The fruit is almost always seedless. I have never seen one for myself. Pineapple has […]

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Natural Pineapple Juice With Very Few Ingredients

Not all juices are created equal. There are affordable juices. Affordable that buying one is cheaper than getting a bottled water. There are expensive juices, you’re gonna think that buying a fresh fruit is better, cheaper and healthier. Okay! In its strictest sense, most processed juice cannot beat its natural counterpart. Tomato which the phytochemical […]

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Bubod Pineapple Wine Final Update

After over three weeks time. I visited the bubod pineapple wine trial again. No bubble formations observed. It ceased, signalling fermentation end. The smell. The aroma was like a strong wine. The taste. It had a good wine taste, a taste resembling fruit cider. It was good if not too sour. Well, it is good […]

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