The Old Bubod Viability Update

a continuation of my previous experiment…

After seven days. I accidentally noticed that the PET bottle where I filled the mixture of pineapple juice, old bubod and sugar was beginning to bulge. Perhaps the bubod yeast began feeding on sugar and producing carbon dioxide. Maybe I closed the cap too tight that gas was building up inside.

Due to bulging, the bottle cap has reached the shelf sealing and started pushing down the glass rack. It will break for sure If I never noticed.

I removed the PET bottle from shelf carefully and loosened its cap. The rush of escaping air caused the juice to spray around wetting the floor and my hand. It smelled like pineapple wine.

bubbling fermenting pineapple wine

….. Yes! My old bubod is still good for fermenting wine. I am hoping for a nice tasting wine. Few weeks more and I can have a taste of it.

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More Than A Year Old Bubod For Making Pineapple Wine

Last July 15, I made my very own bubod from what Charming gave me. I stored it in clean fancy oval jar with a good seal but left it just beside my desktop computer for more than one year. The jar sure protected it from any contaminants but I doubt the room condition was not conducive to keep them dormant. I guessed they were permanently disabled.

cracked old bubod

The room where I stored the bubod was too warm during day time but too cold at night. The roof has no ceiling, allowing easy penetration of sun’s heat during hot sunny days. The gap between ceiling and roof and the opened door allowed quicker cooling when night time come. I was guessing the cold was favorable but the warmth was not. I should had stored it in refrigerator.

Doubtful, I still wanted to put it into test. Test if it can be used to make a pineapple wine.

pinya juice with bubod

Why pineapple? Bubod is intended for tapuy making.

This is a dual purpose experiment. A friend of mine is making high quality mango wine using bubod as fermenting agent. Maybe it is going to work on pineapple too. And, I can prove that bubod can be used to make good quality fruit wine.

To be continued…

See Bubod Pineapple Wine Final Update.

Pineapple Can Reduce Ampalaya Bitterness?

Pineapple can reduce or eliminate the bitterness of ampalaya. I’m  not sure about it. It’s just a hearsay. No scientific basis.

Ampalaya is bitter because of a certain substance, as stated here, “Ampalaya is Bitter Because of Alkaloid Momordicine“.

I setup a simple experiment without reading related articles from the world wide web. I never bought the two commodities just for the sake of test. I waited patiently for this rare opportunity. The availability of both amplaya and pineapple in house.

How can pineapple reduce or eliminate the bitterness of ampalaya? Maybe the first has some sort of enzymes that react to momordicine, the likes of papain that can soften tough meats.

I grabbed a piece of ampalaya while my wife was preparing a meal for lunch. I sliced it thinly then soaked in pineapple juice. I waited one hour and had a taste. The taste became slightly less bitter. Waited more hours but it never became significantly less bitter.

ampalaya slices in pineapple juice
The verdict. Pineapple cannot remove ampalaya bitterness. The principle is similar to adding sugar and other spices to ampalaya dish. Ampalaya when eaten with pineapple slices, the sweet and sour taste tend to mask the bitterness. It can mask but cannot remove the bitter substance completely.

Requirements for Making Nata de Coco

What is nata de coco? It is like a combined jelly ace and bubble gum – a chewy jelly made of coconut water/milk. It has the semi transparent and wiggly characteristics of jelly ace and the chewy property of bubble gum – but not as elastic.

What is nata de coco in English? I guess the proper term would be the name itself “nata de coco”. To describe, it is a cellulose formed by bacterial action in a suitable substrate, a bacterial cellulose. It is able to hold about 90% water.

What are the materials needed in making nata?

1) Nata starter. Perhaps it is the limiting factor why anyone could not jumped easily into nata making. Where to find nata starter?

I mentioned before that nata is a bacterial cellulose. It is synthesized by Acetobacter xylinum. A common bacteria responsible for spoiling good wines. An essential microorganisms in vinegar industry. Acetobacter bacteria can also be found from rotting fruits and spoiled juices.

Nata could be produced from scratch using mother vinegar/rotten fruit plus the favorable conditions. Starting with the pure cultures would be easier though. Get it from government agencies, training institutions or universities.

2) Juice. Coconut is well known in nata industry. However, nata can also be made of other juices such as mango, pineapple and vegetables like kalabasa.

3) Sugar. The ideal amount in juice is ten percent. Juice natural sugar content if insufficient should be reinforced with commercial sugar. The acetobacter use this to make cellulose.

4) Acetic acid. The optimum pH for maximum activity is 4. The organic acid is added to meet this pH value.

5) Ammonium sulfate. It serves as source of nitrogen. Necessary for growth, development and formation of enzymes. Juice usually provides enough nitrogen, commercial ammonium sulfate is added as assurance. The ideal amount is 0.5 percent.

6) Temperature. Room temperature of 28 to 30ºC should be maintained. Mentaining this value is a bit tricky and costly. It is like turning the air conditioner when too hot and having heater bulb when too cold.

7) Fifteen to twenty days of undisturbed fermentation is needed to produced 1.5 cm thick nata out of 5m deep solution.

Saying No to A Go Large and Up Size Option

The fast food service crew often ask me, “Go large po yung drink sir or up size po sir?” The crew is referring to  beverage that is included in the meal package. My answer is always “No”. I just want a small regular size drink.

A regular size drink is often enough to quench my thirst. I am getting a drinking water in case not. Besides, the real thirst quencher is pure water and not any other flavored drink. Sweetened water is not good for removing thirst cause molecules are bound to sugars and other flavor components.

Getting a large drink during long travel is not a good idea. It makes me pee often, about every 15 to 30 minutes interval for two hours. Controlling a pee for that period feels like hell.

The large beverage option is not part of the budget meal package. Few coins should be added to get the option. It is a part of restaurant’s strategy to boost sales. It is like a fried rice with a dumpling option. The extra dumpling have an added cost of about 30 pesos.

More of it will not do any benefit. Larger means more calories and more unhealthy food components. On the other hand, natural fruit juices are beneficial. A go large choice is healthy.

Often, the go large or up size option is only for  soda beverages, not for healthier drink like orange and pineapple.

In the end, my choice is always pineapple or tea.

Eating Pineapple as Dewormer

Mom woke me up early in the morning, about 4 am. I stood up and asked why. My two brothers were awake too. They were sitting beside the table. Their eyes were barely opened while eating ripe pineapples. Mom told me to eat too.

ripe sliced pineapples

Why pineapple in the morning? Elders were telling us that fruits and other acidic foods should not be eaten first in the morning. One should eat rice before eating such. Acid foods can make someone stomach bad, an achy stomach or diarrhea.

Mom said, eating pineapple very early in the morning can get rid of intestinal parasites. As much as possible, the stomach should be free of anything before taking it. Other foods should not be consumed immediately after. Eating it early in the morning then sleeping again avoids consumption of other meal.

I never know if it is true or effective. We tried it only once.I have never heard about it from others. Have you tried it? Is pineapple has purgative effect? I tried searching about it on web and the results were negative. No studies or testimonies to prove it.