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Make Sasso Chicken Reformed Ham

Sasso chickens are much like the Philippine’s native chicken in terms of flavor. It has very thin skin, with minimal subcutaneous fat and has large firm flesh, which does not easily crumble when cut. The meat is significantly more tender than the native chicken. This was an excerpt from the thesis study of Remie Velando, […]

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How to Make Chicken Nuggets

CHICKEN NUGGETS / Asian small-scale product Fresh processed meat product, coarse mixture INGREDIENTS Raw materials: (calculated for 5 kg batch) 95.00 % Chicken meat, boneless 4.750 kg 5.00 % Chicken skin (from breast) 0.250 kg Additives: (per kg of raw materials) (total for 5 kg) 12.00 g Common salt 60.00 g 3.00 g Phosphate 15.00 […]

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How to Make Chicken Vienna Sausage

CHICKEN VIENNAS (premium quality, pure poultry product) (Raw-cooked sausage type, finely chopped batter) INGREDIENTS Raw materials: (calculated for a 30 kg batch) 50.00 % Chicken meat trimmings, lean 15.000 kg 10.00 % Vegetable oil 3.000 kg 20.00 % Chicken fat emulsion (1:6:6) 6.000 kg 20.00 % Ice (drinking water) 6.000 kg Additives: (per kg raw […]

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