Foot And Mouth Disease Free Philippines – Now A Reality

Do you still remember the time when Philippines was plague by a very infectious disease. Not a human disease, its an illness of cloven-footed animals, the foot-and-mouth diseases (FMD). Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) is a different matter and should not be confused with fmd.fmd

FMD is a viral disease affecting cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat and pigs. It spread by direct contact (animals to animals, vehicles, insects, human, soils, etc..) or by air. Mode of transmission is fast that it was able to knock down our swine industry. Local and export market were severely affected. No one want to buy swine meat due to fear of being affected by the disease. I was only buying fish and vegetables during that time.

If you are wondering if it can be transmitted to humans, the answer is yes. People can get FMD but its a rare case. The virus is sensitive to stomach acid and rarely able to cause infection. You should be afraid more of mad cow disease.

Authorities strengthened its efforts to eliminate the dreaded disease. Now, we can nearly harvest the fruit of hard work.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala is optimistic that the Philippines will soon be declared entirely as free from the dreaded foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) by the World Organization for Animal Health or Office International des Epizooties (OIE).

With such favorable OIE declaration — expected to be formalized in May during the 79th General Session of the World Assembly of OIE Delegates in France — the country will favorably gain a foothold in the global meat market, particularly exports of pork and poultry meat products.

This means a greater local and export market and a safer meat to eat. South Korea is one of the major export prospect. The county have fmd outbreak and pork production is expected to decline by 760,000 metric tons.

Hope the government can also fully stop the illegal trade of double dead / botcha meat. FMD is out but botcha is still in.

update as of june 21, 2011

Philippines is now completely FMD free and may now export meat and meat products to the rest of the world.

The OIE certification was received on behalf of the Philippine government and Sec. Alcala by agriculture assistant secretary for livestock Davinio Catbagan on May 26, 2011, in Paris, France, during the 79th general session of the OIE, May 22-27, 2011. The certificate was signed by OIE president Dr. Carlos A. Correa Messuti and director-general Bernard Vallat.

Pork Has 14 Times More Pesticides Than Plants

An average serving of pork has 14 times more pesticides than plant. I read this shocking statement from Health and Home magazine. I was not able to get the research source because it was not clearly stated. The first question that will come in your mind is how the pesticides got into pork meat.

Pesticides might be in form of antibiotics, growth promotants, supplements other anti disease medicines. Hogs need several shots of those medicines during the course of their life, average of three months for fattener.pork meat illustrations

Animal feeds ingredients consist of meat, fish, and plants that might be contaminated with chemicals from fertilizers, feeds, insecticides, herbicides and other foreign objects. Some chemicals are intentionally added to feed stuffs – growth promotants and nutrient supplements. A fattener eats twice a day for three months.

Pig pens need regular disinfection to kill microorganisms that might cause diseases. This chemical might be absorb by animals through consumption of feeds and water.

The meat itself can be consider as silent pesticide. The teeth and digestive system of human is not designed to eat meat. Our teeth resembles the teeth of other ruminants like goat, cow and horse . Have you seen a ruminant feeding on meat? To make the claim more convincing, many of the life threatening diseases are related to consumption of pork and other animal meat.

On the other hand, eating plants (fruits and vegetables) is very healthy. They contain almost no waste product that need to be excreted by our system. Although plants may also contain chemicals by application of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. The risk involve in consumption is still low compared to eating pork. Most of the chemicals plants contain are on surface and can be removed by thorough washing.

Frozen Beef and Pork, Seized in Balintawak Market

Animals must be raised in sanitary condition. Only healthy animals should be slaughtered in clean slaughter houses. All part of the process from raising animals – to processing and to delivery to consumers should be hygienic.meat hygiene

Sometimes the man resposible for the operation fail to do the job. During transport, Meat should be keep frozen in clean containers to prevent spoilage and contamination.

Staff of Quezon City Veterinary Office did a surprise inpection in Balintawak Market.The visit aimed to caught botcha meat sellers. They seized possible contaminated meat instead.

About 60 kilograms of frozen beef and pork was compiscated. The meat might be contaminated. They are placed besides waste water canal. Some of the meat are already thawed. Veterinary office staff also emphasized that it should be in cold storage to keep maintain their frozen state. [ABS-CBN:TV-Patrol]

Make Bite-Size Banana Heart Pork Ulam Patties

bite size patties

This is my third and last installment of Banana Heart and Pork mix.

I still have left-over mixture of banana blossoms and ground pork. I cannot turn it to siomai because I have no molo/siomai wrapper left. I cannot turn it to lumpia either, I used up all my lumpia wrapper. The only thing left in my mind is to fry it to bite-size banana heart pork patties.

1) Scoop on teaspoon of mixture. See How to make banana heart pork siomai for mix preparation.
2) Fry using low heat in a shallow cooking oil. Turn sides occasionally until both sides are golden brown. Or, deep fry until golden brown.
3) Repeat until all mixture are used up. Do not make a large lump, this will result in uncooked middle part.
4) Serve with favorite sauce of choice.

frying banana heart patties

bite size patties

How to Make Banana Heart Pork Lumpia

banana heart lumpia final wrapping stage

Almost any kind of meat and vegetable mixtures can be wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and deep-fried. Every kind of mixture may result in a unique delectable taste. Or, the cooking experiment may result in a failure or not so desirable outcome.

Tocino, longganisa, embutido, corned beef, etc.. can be tried for lumpia making.

This time, I used the same mixture for making – Banana Heart Pork Siomai. See the recipe for ingredients and mix preparation.

1) Place a small amount of mixture in a lumpia wrapper.  The size and thickness should be the same as the size of normal shanghai lumpia. Bigger sizes may result in a cooked wrapper but uncooked filling when deep fried.

wrapping banana heart lumpia 1

2) Fold the rear side of wrapper forward. Then fold the left and right sides toward the center. Roll it forward to make a cylindrical shape. Wet the wrapper end to make a seal.

banana heart lumpia 2 stage wrapping

banana heart lumpia final wrapping stage

The freshly made lumpia can be deep fried immediately or stored in freezer for later use.

Banana heart pork lumpia is so delectable.

How to Make Banana Heart Pork Siomai

steaming banana flower siomai

1/4 kilograms banana blossom, chopped. Include young banana fingers and soft bracts. Match sticks like filament of young fingers should be removed.
1/4 kilogram ground pork
1/2 cup chopped singkamas
1/2 cup chopped carrots
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon black pepper
2 eggs
5 tablespoons cornstarch or flour
1/2 tablespoon salt
2 onions, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
molo / siomai wrapper

young banana flowers

1) Boil chopped banana heart in water for 15 minutes. Cool and strain to remove water.

boiling chopped banana heart

2) Add the rest of the ingredients to cooked banana blossoms and mix well.
3) Place enough mixture in a molo wrapper. Fold the corners upward and fold the protruding corners sidewards. Make the siomai more round. Care should be observed to prevent breakage of molo wrap.

adding veggies to pre-cooked banana heart

4) Arrange the siomai in a double boiler and steam for 30 minutes.
5) Serve with your favorite sauce.

steaming banana flower siomai