Experiment: The Bulging Juice Aluminum Pouch

Package good such as sardines, coke in can and juice in pouches may bulge or bloat through the course of its shelf life. Such maybe due to anaerobic gas producing bacteria or reaction of food components to container – the case of acid to metal reaction.

All cans for food use are lacquered or coated with non-reactive enamel. It prevent any unnecessary migration of metal to food and or any unwanted process.

Bulged aluminum pouch is a rare scene. I have encountered it only twice. As stated above, the cause maybe microbial or chemical. I setup a simple experiment to verify that acid to metal reaction may cause container bulging.

I secured three empty juice pouches. Cut off the top, cleaned and dried. Poured with equal amounts of vinegar. Added equal sizes aluminum strip on each container. Sealed and set aside for later observation.

empty open pouchesAluminum strips were prepared by cutting a portion of aluminum pouch. Then sanding the inner side to expose the aluminum layer.

aluminum pouch stripspouches initialSlight bloating were observed on three trials after approximately two months. The observation continuous…

pouches slightly bloatedReaction speed in many commercial juices are rather slow due to their very low acidity.


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