How to Make Tomato Puree and Concentrate

The pulp-based concentrate product may be classified in puree (10 Brix°), simple (16 Brix°), double (29 Brix°) and triple (30-32 Brix°) concentrate. The double and triple concentrates are prepared by means of vacuum evaporators.

Raw materials
– Fresh ripe tomatoes
– Salt, optional

Materials and Equipment
– The same as those used to prepare tomato juice.

To prepare the puree, proceed as follows:
– Proceed as in the recipe for the preparation of tomato juice (without adding lemon juice) until the juice is extracted.
– Place the pot with the juice back on the fire and let it concentrate until it reaches 10 Brix°, stirring with a wooden spoon every now and then to prevent the mixture from sticking.
– Once 10 Brix° have been reached, add 1% salt, dissolve and remove the pot from the fire.
– Fill the bottles to the top with hot puree and cover.
– Sterilize the bottles as indicated in the procedure to make tomato sauce.

To prepare the simple concentrate, proceed as follows:

– Concentrate the product until 16 Brix° is reached.
– Add 2% salt, dissolve and remove from the fire.
– Fill the bottles or jars with the hot product and cover them.
– This product must be sterilized. Proceed as indicated in the recipe for the preparation of tomato sauce.
– Label the containers and seal the jar lids with adhesive tape.
– Once the container is opened, keep in the refrigerator.


How to Make Dragon Fruit Puree


Base from my experience, dragon fruit can be stored for one month under refrigerated condition . The same can be done for rejects, fruits with cracks and surface spots.  I you want to store them for longer periods, I recommend to process them to wine, juice or anything you want.

Procedures for making Dragon Fruit Juice

1 . Wash dragon fruits in running water to remove all dirts.

2. Remove undesirable parts.

3 Cut in quarters  and peel off the skin. Peeling can be conveniently done by hand like the peel of mango.

4. Blend in waring blender. Adjust sugar content to 15 degree Brix. If refractometer is not available, add sugar until the sweetness is comparable to ripe grapes.

5. Pasteurize at 75 degree C for 15 minutes.

6. Pack immediately in air tight bottle and seal.

Adding preservatives to prolong shelf life can be done but not recommended.