Gout Prevention That Works

I have never experience gout attacks for years now. It is safe to assume that my prevention methods are quite efficient.

Here they are. It supersedes all other gout related article I published earlier.

I take everything in moderation with the exception of water, fruits and vegetables. My point is, avoiding gravy and sardines is futile if I eat a lot of chicken legs and bacon. Bread and rice are not purine sources but I also avoid taking too much. As a general rule, I am stopping when my stomach is half full. The lightest meal is at dinner. The body needs the least amount of energy during sleep. Excess will only be stored as fat.

I drink a lot of water everyday. The first thing I put in stomach after waking up is a glass of water or two. I drink soft beverages and coffee rarely. Water therapy is recommended for dissolving purine crystal deposits, thus, during gout. However, why let gout attacks before drinking water a lot. Prevention is better than cure. Plus, water has lots of benefits more than we can imagine.

Few minutes morning exercise. In my line of work, legs down to feet are the least use part of my body. So I take time to do 15 minutes jogging every morning to compensate. It does not only help prevents gout attacks but is also making my legs stronger.

Sometimes, over eating is hard to avoid, specially on special occasions like town fiestas and birthdays. In this case, I am mixing one teaspoon baking soda in 500ml drinking water and taking it three times a day.

I initially took baking soda solution as gout cure. The instant relief claim of other website is not true, in my very own experience. In previous severe attacks, comfort could be felt after three to five days continuous intake. Onset could be arrested though.

Blood flows slower in feet and even slower in cold weather and cold night. It gives time to excess purine to deposit on joints resulting to gout. So I keep them warm by wearing socks, pajamas and using thick blanket during sleep.