Importance Of Keeping Records

Keeping proper record is hard because we are not trained to do so.  It should be easy once implemented on a regular basis.

I grew up in environment where almost everything were listed in memory. Remember it now and forget, then struggling to recall in dire moments. If it was noted down, then there is something to look into for reference. Our mind can’t remember it well but a piece of paper sure can.

These were common situations. 

Going to public market or grocery to get something without a buying list. Thinking what to buy while roaming around. Imagine the time you could have saved by bringing a list. Going back after because something was forgotten. It is a waste of time, money and energy. 

Planting season. You have done all the effort from land tilling, seed sowing, watering, fertilization, harvesting up to selling. Yet you have no record of sorts. You do not know whether you win or lose.  Spending all the money as if it was all income. You can barely remember the good things you did to make the plant productive.  Starting again from scratch the next season. New capital, seeds and methods. 

Came up with a great new recipe. Everyone in the house liked it.  They want more but there is one problem.  You never knew the exact ingredient ratios. You did it on whim. Adding every ingredient gradually until it tasted just fine.  Well! Good luck repeating your recipe. 

You have a good selling product in local marketplace. A problem occurred and you need to collect back all. If product batch coding is being implemented, then  only a portion might have problems.  The cost of recall could have been reduced and the cause could be detected easily. 

For me, record is like a gold mine. I often use it for new product development and process improvement.    Making it faster, more delectable, incur less waste, conserve energy, require less labor, cheaper and more.