The 7 eleven Reward Card…

the unactivate 7 eleven reward card

How many of you did get this 7-11 reward card?  I am not a big fan of this kind of promo, reward card, loyalty card or whatever they are calling it. They are good for regular, avid and impulsive customers. They sure can accumulate points easily and get the reward sooner.

I availed SM rewards twice and failed to activate them twice. I had Mercury Drug’s, National Bookstore’s and BDO’s. All of them are rotting somewhere I never know. The first two were offered to me several times before I signed up. BDO card was sent thru mail. I guess all depositors are being given.

I am an occasional 7-11 customer. Recently, the crew cashiers were asking every customers for a reward card, giving them the option to sign up in case none. For the second time the crew offered me, I asked how much it cost and what forms do I need to fill up. It was actually very cheap, 10 pesos only. I don’t need to fill up any form. I can activate the card through text message at time I am most convenient.  I said nodded. I paid for my order, the crew gave me the goods together with the card.

The card has been sitting on my table for almost two weeks now.  Shall I activate it? Shall I use it? Hmmmm….

the unactivate 7 eleven reward card

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