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Rice in a Box | Part 2

rice in a box with drink

I can’t remember when was the last time I ate in this food kiosk. Several years ago? Not sure! I got too busy building up my chocolate business lately that my world almost rotates around it. I am visiting the place occossionaly but frequently with my family. You know what I meant. The place is […]

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And Now, The Fake Pansit!

People seems wary of frequent fake scandals. There are just too many to mention. The latest is the allegedly fake rice immediately by fake pansit. The rice incident as of now is an isolated case, only one in Davao was confirmed. The latter is not proven yet. However, it is scary to know fake foods […]

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How To Identify Fake versus Real Rice

There were reports saying fake rice have already reached Novaliches Quezon City. According to residents, the alleged fake grains have no powdery thing and the cooked was still in good condition after four days. They have to be suspicious. Rice has powdery coating that makes the water cloudy and it spoils fast. A few hours […]

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The Worm in Rice Bin

I am thinking where it came from. Considering its size and structure. It is not something that could easily bore through rice grains. If it could open its mouth wide enough, it can swallow a single grain whole. It is too big to be a weevil larvae. Based from what I know, larvae like this, […]

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Unlimited Rice and Tea to All

This was not the first time I ate at Karate Kid Restaurant. I am hoping it was not the last. After finishing the tea, she called the waiter and asked for refill. The waiter smiled. After a few moment, he grabbed the tea pitcher, came near to us and said, “Mam, your order was regular […]

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