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Winnowing Before Roasting

I have been thinking for long now. The possibility of winnowing cocoa beans before roasting. It has several strengths and weaknesses. I can still use cracked, shelled and partially shelled beans. They are considered defective as they tend to burn during roast. If cracked and winnowed while unroasted, all will be of equal footing. Whenever […]

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Re-roasting The Previously Roasted Coffee

Is it possible to re-roast a previously roasted coffee? Maybe yes, if the following conditions are met! The previously roasted coffee color is uniform. If not, then the darker color might get burnt or the lighter color might not get enough heat. The non-uniform roast will result to a non-uniform end. In case the previously […]

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The Pan Roasted Peanuts

A vendor went up the bus shouting, “Mani mani mani, sinangag, walang mantika, hindi pinirito!” (Please buy shelled peanuts, it was roasted, not deep-fried, no extra oil! I was too afraid to buy though. It was the time my friend got hepatitis. His doctor assumed it was due to eating street foods. Sinangag or sangag […]

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