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Fake Salt

Yet another fake news. Three men from China were accused of manufacturing ten thousand tons of fake salt. The salt was said a product of processing waste agricultural chemicals. Further details about the waste were not disclosed. No reports of consumer complaints, food poisoning or untoward incident. However, considering the quantity produced, it was very […]

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The Different Types of Salt

Not all salts are created equal. They are all sodium chloride but come from different origins and undergo different processes. 1) Table Salt. I thought it was any ordinary table salt but it isn’t. It is mined rock salt, heavily processed to removed impurities and added with anticaking substance to avoid clumping. 2) Sea Salt. […]

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Salt and MSG Replacement Dilemmas

Cutting on salt intake but never want to sacrifice food flavor? Well, a good salt replacement is MSG. As in use MSG instead of salt. The flavor loss by removing salt can be covered by the mentioned substance. There is more explanation to this than what your senses could perceived. According to wiki, the taste […]

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