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Rambutan Seeds, containing oleic acid and arachidic acid

Our habit! Crack rambutan open. Suck in the mouth watering flesh, then threw away the seeds and peels. Imagine it on industry level, canning. They are simply discarded as waste and treated as of no economic value. What a huge waste of resource! Of course, dumped organic materials eventually decay and become fertilizer. However, we want something […]

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Where Are The Seeds of Pineapple?

Do pineapples have seed? Yes, but only few people are noticing them. Pineapple in cans always come seedless. Whole commercial pineapple rarely have seeds and if they do have, they are just too small and partially hidden to be seen. The fruit is almost always seedless. I have never seen one for myself. Pineapple has […]

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Are Mahogany Seeds Toxic?

My late grandfather used to chew mahogany seeds regularly. He said it has some health benefits. He failed to discuss the details though. His seeds reserved were running out so he asked me if I can find some for him. I knew several mahogany trees but they are too high for me to climb. I […]

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