Soft Drinks and Energy Drinks Might Cause Ulcer and Hyperacidity

Last Wednesday, 2 pm, sister-in-law suddenly called me. My youngest brother was shouting in pain. His stomach was in severe pain. He could still walk but cannot stand straight.  He was asking us to take him to hospital immediately cause he cannot stand the thumbs down

I hurriedly grabbed the key and started my owner-type-jeep. Brother rode and we were about to go when he said the pain ceased. The pain was really gone. Thanked God! Our trip to hospital was aborted.

We asked him what he did before he felt the stomach ache. He said he ate before the incidence, nothing else.

The same day, almost 12 midnight. Mother called me. My youngest brother was shouting in pain again. His stomach ache went back. We rushed him to nearby hospital.

We told the doctor his eating habits. He is a picky eater. Never eat fruits and vegetables. Only eat one cup of rice and meat per meal. He skip meal often especially when he never like the viand or busy on computer games. He drinks three or more solo soft drinks / energy drinks a day. He often drink it  with empty stomach. He barely drinks pure water.

After rough diagnosis and few questions, the doctor administered an injectible medicine. I never know what was it. The he told us the pain should start to cease after a maximum of two hours if the case is hyperacidity or  ulcer, it needs further investigation otherwise.

The pain became lesser after 30 minutes. The doctor prescribed several medicines. Brother was advised not to consume any colored liquid, water only. Softdrinks and energy drinks are strictly prohibited.

No attack of stomach ache after few days of soft drinks / energy drink abstinence and drinking plenty of water.

Carbonated Water Side Effects

fizzy / soda / seltzer / carbonated water

Why do we love sodas? Because it bubbles and its not luscious enough to drink it when bubbling ceases. The bubbles seems carry the flavors, it loss gradually as the bubbling progress.

In simple explanation. Carbonated water is made by forcing carbon dioxide in water and sealing it immediately. It can be called as fizzy / soda / seltzer or carbonated water. Effect of fizzy water can be minimal but using it for soda beverages is another story.

Before enjoying lots of soda beverages, read the possible effects and think:

1. Sodas have phosphates that contribute to calcium loss. It weakens teeth and bone structure and may be a major factor in osteoporosis development. It may also strips stomach linings.

2. In pure form, it may help in digestion and calming of nerves but its not scientifically proven. It should be consumed in moderation like  alcohols.

3. When consuming soda or carbonated water, you are also consuming the bubbles. This contributes to a bloated feeling and might impair regular eating habits. We often eat less fruits and vegetables in exchange for sodas.

4. It has an antibacterial effect. But this should not be taken as medication.

5. Carbonated water increases alcohol absorption in our body system. Alcohol should be excreted rapidly because liver read it as poisonous substance.

carbonated water label

Coke Light or Coke Zero?


On my way home, she asked me to buy her a diet coke. So I did a stop near the 7-eleven store. I bought one Coke light and one Coke Zero because I was never sure of her preference.


I wonder what are the differences between the two soft drinks. They have exactly the same nutrition information, no calories, no fats, no carbohydrates and no proteins. The ingredients are exactly the same. Contains carbonated water, caramel color, food acids, sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame-k, natural flavors, preservative sodium citrate and caffeine. They have both this sign “Phenylketonurics:Contains Phenylalanine“.

For me, the taste are of no difference but she and brother said that Coke Zero taste better than Coke Light. Coke Zero cost two pesos less than coke light and the first is more appealing.


If you examine the ingredients closely. You will notice the placement of the term “food acids”. In Light, the term is written after sweeteners while in Zero, it is written after caramel colors. According to labeling rules, ingredients should be listed in decreasing order of proportion. Then it is safe to say that Coke Zero has more acids than Coke light. And this slight changed in acids might spell the taste difference.


I like the two products. Buy them both but don’t drink too much. Only clean water can be drink with no moderation.

Sting Energy Drink – Is it Effective?


I was really fascinated by these Sting Energy Drink commercials. A low battery car and broken conveyor belt was fixed instantly by a man after drinking the energy drink.

How to energize low battery car.

How to run the conveyor belt

Before, energy drink cost 35 pesos and up. Now, I can have energy drink for only ten pesos. The price is so affordable but how about the effect. Is it effective?


During a busy night. I was able to stay awake until 4 am. You gonna regret it if you drink it just before going to bed. My head gets achy by drinking Sting and doing nothing.

My friend work in a graveyard shift. But he can still play billiards and mahjong from morning till the next shift by drinking Sting. He eats his regular meals of course.

My uncle is an automotive mechanic. He frequently feels sleepy during work. Sting keeps him awake.

I don’t wanna talk about its taste. Its too sweet and I hate it.

A piece of advice, pushing your body beyond limits is not a good habit.