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Soft Drinks and Energy Drinks Might Cause Ulcer and Hyperacidity

Last Wednesday, 2 pm, sister-in-law suddenly called me. My youngest brother was shouting in pain. His stomach was in severe pain. He could still walk but cannot stand straight.  He was asking us to take him to hospital immediately cause he cannot stand the pain. I hurriedly grabbed the key and started my owner-type-jeep. Brother […]

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Soft Drinks As Thirst Quencher?

I was a Quality Control Staff in a food company somewhere in Trece Martires City. As a QC staff, one of my responsibility is the delivery of goods at Nestle Quezon City. The delivery man should be in-charge of the job but a Quality Assurance staff was always needed during delivery operations. I needed to […]

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Carbonated Water Side Effects

fizzy / soda / seltzer / carbonated water Why do we love sodas? Because it bubbles and its not luscious enough to drink it when bubbling ceases. The bubbles seems carry the flavors, it loss gradually as the bubbling progress. In simple explanation. Carbonated water is made by forcing carbon dioxide in water and sealing […]

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