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About Diet Seven-up


Do you know why Pido Dido is so slim? Maybe he is drinking Diet 7-UP®. Diet means, it will not add up to your daily calorie intake. It will not make you fat unless you eat every yummy food you see relentlessly. Instead of using sugar, the manufacturer uses aspartame and acesulfame potassium, the two […]

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Rust in A Coke Bottle


From time to time, I can’t refused the urge for soft drinks. I often sip it directly from the bottle orifice. I hate using straw because it taste awful. Sometimes I wonder why my drink taste bad. The picture below will explain why. The bottle neck has adhering rust. The rust was due to rusty […]

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Sugar in Soft Drinks ?


I am curious about the sugar content of some popular soft drinks. How much sugar I consume each bottle or can. Lets start the measurement! How do I measured the sugar content? I measured it using refractometer. One degree Brix is equivalent to one gram sugar per 100 ml/g sample. I also included the estimated […]

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