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The Dried Guyabano Strips

yellowish dried guyabano

It crossed my mind making dried guyabano. Like mango, jackfruit and papaya, it also has a rare ripe stage. FYI for those who never know, dried fruit is best made with rare ripe materials. It should have enough fibers to hold its shape when cooked and dried. Fully ripes will tend to become puree when […]

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Guyabano Against Cancer and Other Diseases| Questions and Answers… with Ms. Reyes

GUYABANO TEA, THE 30-DAY TREATMENT PROTOCOL A revised article recently submitted by Ms. Reyes. Hope this answers all the questions regarding guyabano tea preparation and treatment procedures! HOW TO MAKE THE G-TEA: Materials needed: a. one 8 oz. cup of shredded fresh or air dried guyabano leaves b. one liter water NOTE: Use mature (but not […]

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