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Millet Edible Spoon

millet edible spoon

The world first ever edible spoon in mass production. It comes in three variants, sweet, plain and savory. If you usually eat plain rice and common poor man’s viand (sugar, salt, fish sauce, soy sauce and hot coffee), I bet the spoon will be gone in a jiffy. Perhaps also eat the spoon alone while […]

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Disposable Spoons: Why We Still Use It?

Before, I always used plastic spoon and fork whenever eating in fast food resto. They were serving food with disposables so I had no choice. A little bigger than metal counterparts. Slightly pliable and too fragile. Breaks easily and often need to ask for replacement. Sharp edges are rare find that sometimes enough to bruise […]

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Coconut Shell Spoons

We are never using the coconut shell bowl yet. The wood glue I used is not fully dried. Exposure to heat and water might cause premature disassembly. My younger sister saw two hand made bowls. She told me that mom and dad are still the same. It is one of their bahay kubo utensils. She […]

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