Star Apple with Muscovado | unusual merienda..

kaymito cut in halves

Oh! There was one star apple in fridge. I thought my kids ate them all at the day of purchase. It was a good thing though. I was hungry and there was none else to eat.

kaymito cut in halves

Star apple, the purple colored variety. Never know what the species is. We call the common green as kaymito while the puple as murado. The color distinction is not suferficial. The flesh has also taint of purple. Often, the whole fruit is completely purple inside and out.

Rarely seen nowadays. As agricultural lands are converted to industrial and residensial areas. What am I often saying is, trees takes years to grow and bear fruits while skyscrapers are sprouting like mushrooms.

Enough talk. I cut it open longhitudinally and scraped off the flesh including the seeds. Put it in mug with some muscovado sugar. Stirred until sugar started dissolving. Hm, yummy…

Looking back. Condensed milk taste best with it. Evap with some sugar is great too. Hate sugar? Just cut it in halves, Scoop out and eat. And the best part. Break it and eat like a pancit hab hab.