How to Make Banana Powder, Banana Starch


Banana powder can be used as starch substitute. Try to make some for daily cooking needs. Apply it to any recipe that require cornstarch such as corned beef, siomai, fish balls and banana blossom patties. Try on small amounts to see the outcome and avoid waste.


green  banana
sodium metabisulfite or sodium erythorbate, the latter is recommended while the first is now discouraged.


Materials and Equipment:

stainless-steel knife
mechanical drier
wire trays lined with sinamay or bamboo trays
OPP or PE plastic bags of 0.003 mm thickness, popular bags are now polypropylene, PP


1.    All fruits should be mature green. Set aside any ripe banana and use it for other recipe.
2.    Wash thoroughly and peel. Force the peel off carefully with a sharp knife. Soak in water and rinse.
3.    Cut into thin slices (5-7mm thick). Use a guided knife or a mechanical slicer.
4.    Sulphite by dipping in a 2000ppm SO2 solution for 1 minute. Skip this step if product browning does not bother you.
5.    Dry the fruit in a single layer at 60-75ºC until hard and brittle, equal to a moisture content of 12%. Sun dry in case oven dryer is not available.
6.    Pulverized  in waring blender or electric grinder.
7.    Packed in tightly sealed container.