The Bean -to-bar Chocolate Sweetened with Stevia Powder

bean to bar chocolate with stevia powder

I tried making bean-to-bar chocolate sweetened with a little stevia powder for a prospective client.

bean to bar chocolate with stevia powder

Through little by little addition and taste testing, I arrived to two formula that suited my taste buds, about 3% and 4% respectively. Both had strong and nice cocoa taste with faint malunggay flavor (because I added malunggay too, by request). The herb like stevia taste was lingering in the end and becoming stronger as the cocoa fades.

I stopped there thinking more stevia sugar would be overwhelming and ruin the overall taste experience. The product I saw online only uses 2%. Maybe that is the right formula, only two percent. I went a little overboard.

After sufficient holding period, I sent some to client for taste test. I also conducted taste testing with my buddies.

The client liked it, a Korean guy, but still think more sweetness was needed. He asked increasing the percentage up to 10% and removing the malungay powder.

My own set of taste testers simply didn’t like what I made. It cannot rival my main stream products.

Ten percent, that would be disaster. I did his request any and sent him another sample set. It’s been over a month now and still never heard from him.

The sweetness has increased tremendously but my colleages still didn’t like it.

I never want stevia to my coffee and now I don’t want it in my chocolate.

Stevia for Sweetening Chocolate

stevia sweetened with chocolate

Someone liked my creation and asked me if I can do him a favor. Make a chocolate for him but instead use stevia as sweetener. I agreed as long as he provides the costly stevia. He agreed and the experiment commenced.

I almost blindly replaced the 30 % cane sugar with stevia powder. I was glad I let the idea sit for days. If I didn’t, the resulting product would be extremely sweet.


Bean-to-bar chocolates availabe online are rated 98 percent. Stevia amount must be only two percent. Or lower, if there are other inclusions such as chili, nibs, nuts and the likes.

Stevia is about 200 times as sweet as refined cane sugar. However, doing the math for adustment isn’t exactly right. Stevia powder has maltodextrin as carrier, not pure basically. And another thing, I never know how much carrier it has.

Stevia drops (in liquid form) might be more concentrated. However, water is chocolate enemy.

Stevia leaf? I tried it before on other products. It simply didn’t work. I need it extracted and powdered.

and here is the trial result.

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stevia sweetened with chocolate

Unwanted Bitter and Medicinal Taste of Stevia – The Remedy

I accidentally found an article that answers my query about the unwanted stevia taste. It explains that stevia has undesired licorice taste at relatively low concentrations and some consumers are able to perceived bitterness at more than 300 ppm. The stevia sugar alternative also known as Rebaudioside A has two parts. The first is the sugar moiety which is responsible for sweet taste. The second is the steviol tail,  causes the prolonged sweetness sensation and eventually the undesirable licorice taste.

The Natural Taste Consulting (NTC), claimed that they have natural stevia improver. It can make its taste more closer to sugar without the undesirable taste. It has no thaumatin and or glycyrhhizin, artificial sweeteners with known issues. The product is named as Stevia Improver MH-1-140-0.

My wild guest. Their natural stevia improver molecule binds to steviol tail preventing it from attaching to tongue taste receptor.

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One Stevia Sachet to Sweeten a Mug of Energen

It was my second time using the Green Stevia sachet. I bought four packs as far as I remember. The first one was used to sweeten an instant cup of coffee. The coffee became slightly sweet with a bite of medicinal taste. The instant coffee bitterness counteracted the sweet taste and the stevia’s native medicinal taste manifested in final flavor.

Then the second sachet was used to sweeten a mug of hot Energen drink. The drink without any additional sugar is slightly sweet, milky and with other unidentified complex flavors. Adding the one gram Green Stevia powder made it more sweet. If the scale basis is one to five, then I can say the sweetness has increased by one step. No trace of medicinal taste detected, thanks to energen’s slightly complex makeup.

energen and stevia a hot energen stevia drink

The Stevia Herb Sweetener


I bought this stevia plant from Cavite State University. According to the gardener, it is sweet and can be used in coffee, tea, and even juices. In other words, it is a sugar substitute. Maybe a healthier sugar substitute because it is a herb. I tasted a few green leaves. The flavor is sweet, bitter and grassy. The same goes thru for dried leaves.


I bought two potted plant for 200 pesos. It was a good deal considering the price of white sugar continue to rise. Imagine having a sugar plant in your garden. You don’t need to buy sugar for your daily needs. Plus, it is natural and healthy.

I allowed the plant to grow for three months before the actual testing. It is natural so I want to try it in its natural form. I got a mug of hot water, put a half teaspoon of coffee, put some fresh leaves  and allowed it to stand for few minutes. Then I tried the dried leaf version. The results were not good. The bitterness and grassiness of leaves just added up to my coffee. The taste and smell disgusted me.


Wikipedia said, rebaudioside A has the least bitterness of all the sweet compounds in the stevia plant. To produce rebaudioside A commercially, stevia plants are dried and subjected to a water extraction process. This crude extract contains about 50% rebaudioside A and is refined using ethanol, methanol, crystallization and separation technologies to separate the various glycoside molecules in the extract. This allows the manufacturer to isolate pure rebaudioside A.

In order to use stevia, it must undergo chemical extraction process. What is the difference between stevia and white sugar? Is it a better sugar alternative?

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