Recommended Soluble Solids of Fruit at Harvest Time, Sugar Content

Soluble solids or sugar content is one of the fruits’ maturity indices. As the fruits ripens the level of acidity decreases and the level of sugar increases. However, the theory is not true to all fruits.  You may never consider making a random check before fruit harvesting but this is very important especially in grape wine making.

Recommended Soluble Solids  of  Fruit at Harvest Time

Fruit Soluble Solids
Apple 10,5-12,5
Apricot 10
Blueberries 10
Cherry 14-16
Grape 14-17,5
Grapefruit 8
Kiwifruit 14
Mango 8
Mandarin 8
Melon 10-12
Nectarine 10
Orange 8
Papaya 11,5
Peach 10
Pear 13
Persimmon 18
Pineapple 12
Plum 12
Pomegranate 17
Raspberry 8
Strawberry 7
Watermelon 10

Sugar content can be measured using refractometer. Read the method here.