The Bitter Sugar Tax

Sugar Tax may actually do more harm than good. Just like Sin Tax on alcohol and cigarettes and the proposed salt tax. It is meant to raise governments revenue collection while forcing our citizens to practice healthy lifestyle.

The true purpose is raising government revenue, for all we know. Health concern is nothing but excuse. Cigarette and alcohol causes health problems and they could just have stopped its production and trade completely. However, they cannot. The two bring a lot of cash. Cash that help build public facilities, pay government employees and officials and build hospitals to tread illnesses cause by such.

Who never want to be healthy? I want to be healthy and perhaps you want too. However, for common citizens, the price of healthy foods are not attractive. Should I say it is too expensive instead. A kilo or two of organic produce cost might be enough budget if allocated for conventional foods.

When we were young, we often ate rice with sugar, sometimes salt, sweet hot coffee, milk, or fish crackers. Not because we often can’t afford, we usually feel like it.

However, there many families who have no choice but to live this kind of lifestyle. If budget comes, they buy either sardines, low cost processed meat, instant noodles and salted fish.

If sugar tax together with salt tax came into law. What can they afford will be out of reached and they are going to live their life with plain rice and plain salt forever. Working students may skip more meals to cope with their tuition fees. Remember, camote cue and banana cue have sugar coatings. The instant juice drink and samalamig also has.

Over the years, several law makers submitted their proposed versions. They are all pointing to one thing, raise the tax of foods containing sugar.

Sugar is carbohydrate, a cheap energy source. Raising tax due will gravely affects commoners but not people who can afford the cost of medications. Excessive consumption causes diabetes. How can one be diabetic if he cannot afford it. Sugar is not the sole culprit of having the disease. It is just one of them.