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The 6 and 12 pesos SSB Excise Tax

Never heard anything yet about asin tax. The proposed law which supposed increased the price of salt laden food products such as noodles and junk foods. However, the sugar tax came into fruition under the TRAIN law. The excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. Before anything else, they should state good reasons why add hefty tax […]

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Sin Tax on Salty Products

Did Sin Tax makes you healthier? Or not? Sacrificing other important things in order to fulfill addiction to cigarette and alcohol. If yes, the next two additional sin taxes will make you continue the health habits to the next level. The budget for regular soda and pack of potato chips might not be enough the […]

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Grinding Sugar Crystals!

powdered sugar in blender

Why do I need to grind sugar crystal where it is readily dissolves in most applications. The likes of sweetening coffee, juices, tea and the likes. There are tons of water molecules to suspend the sugar apart. Sweet taste perceived by tongue less the grainy undesirable texture. Well, there times when we want sugar to […]

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The Sugar and The Creamer

It was old, a bit dirty but I was pretty sure their contents were still in very good condition. The Crowne Plaza management did not store it to this appearance. I was the one who did. Since adding sugar and creamer to my coffee is not my habit, I just dropped them in my bag […]

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Trying the Odd Cold Sugar Preservation Method on Balimbing Fruits

When I said cold sugar preservation, it literally mean trying to preserve balimbing in sugar or sugar solution under refrigerated temperature. Sounds crazy? Sugar preserves food by making the water in… unavailable for microbial growth. The water molecules are still inside but are bound to sugar particles and cannot be grabbed by microbes. Cold temperature […]

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