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The Making of Sweetened Kaong

It was my first time cooking a sweetened kaong. I looked over the web for an established procedure with no success. It seems the information about it is rare. I asked mom and dad and they told me the traditional practice. Each kilogram of kaong should be added with one kilogram sugar. The sugar should […]

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The Deceiving Moldy Sweets In Jar

These jelly looks attractive. Looks good with no signs of deterioration. Look again, top view with cap removed. There are two patches of mold growth. A jar packed with sweets such as jelly and jam can be very deceiving. Inspect the top surface carefully before deciding to buy. Do not buy if the surface is […]

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what not to take when having dry cough | Doctor's advice

Let as admit it, we often resort to home remedies when having dry cough. The common remedy methods often originated from relatives, home, tradition, books, experiences and internet. It may or may not be effective depending on type and severity of symptoms.  It even worsen the illness sometimes. According to doctor’s advice, the following should […]

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