Standing Tables with Built-in Trash Bin

table with built-in trash bin

At first, the idea seems yuck! Who the hell will integrade trash bin in eating table. Food and trash just don’t add up. Place it somewhere farther. A meter or two would be nice.

table with built-in trash bin

Well, the idea is not new and it is not mine either. Remember the food kiosk lined in front of SM Supermarket entrance. There is a line of standing tables with built-in trash bins.

Sound “ew”? I say it is,if not properly maintained. The bins are lined with polypropelyne bags and are collected frequently. Otherwise, lefover foods will start spoiling, emitting bad odors and possible harmful microorganism. In the end, driving customers away.

I think standing tables, with built-in trash bins, have several advantages.

– Space saving. No chairs around that consume valuable area. Reason buildings today are built skyscrapers. That is maximization of per square meter land.
– Crowd control. Imagine chairs and tables along the hallway. People will hang around even if they are not customers or stay for long after meal. Because eating while standing is a bit uncomfortable. People tend to eat fast and leave sooner.
– Easy maintenance. There is a hole on middle which leads directly to bin. After eating, customers can simply push paper plates and cups in middle and voila! Admit it we are too lazy. We will never carry the leftovers to bins even if it is just a meter away. Others won’t even bother pushing their’s in middle hole.