Fresh Egg and Tabliya Chololate Drink


approximately 14 grams pure tabliya chocolate
250 ml drinking water
2 tablespoon powdered milk
1 tablespoon sugar
1 fresh egg


1) Add 250 ml water and 14 grams pure tabliya chocolate to boiling pan. Bring to slow boil for 30 minutes. Let cool. Cooling is necessary as hot temperature will curdle the egg.

2) Break the fresh egg to cooled tabliya water mixture. Add one tablespoon sugar and two tablespoon milk powder. Stir vigorously until frothy / a high speed blender will make a nice enjoyable froth.

tabliya fresh egg milk mixing egg tabliya drinkNote: Choose the freshest and cleanest egg whenever possible. Egg is a good medium for Salmonella bacteria growth. Even a few population may cost stomach problem. Decide not to add egg whenever in doubt.

The resulting drink is a bitter sweet chocolate with a slight milk and raw egg taste. Maybe refrigerated or added with crushed iced before frothing.

Dissolving Tabliya in Plain Hot Water

Every tabliya lover have different way of preparing their drink. The following are my very own ways.

1) Place one tabliya, about ten grams tablet, in a casserole and add two glasses of water. Bring to a very slow boil. Then let boiling continue for at least one hour. Keep the vessel covered to avoid too much moisture loss. Take out of fire and serve hot with little sugar.

2) Place one tabliya, about ten grams, in casserole and bring to rolling boil. While hot, transfer to Osterizer. Add half teaspoon carrageenan powder, the likes of Mr. Gulaman will do. Blend until foamy. Serve hot.

Carrageenan is emulsifier. It has the ability to hold water and oil together, preventing its separation and maintaining the formed bubbles.

Method two preparation time is short and method one is long. You might be thinking it is too long. Five to ten minutes rolling boil for many drinkers is enough. Too long boiling time is just a waste of time and energy.

Well, it is just a matter of preference. A friend of mine is preparing his tabliya drink for two hours, adding several herbs and flavors. Bringing to slow boiling, adding water whenever it is drying up and waiting for two hours when the mouth watering cocoa aroma has fully accumulated the entire house.

The reverse of too long is too short, and speaking of too short, some tabliya lovers are just placing pressed cocoa tablets in hot water. They are treating tabliya like instant drink (Milo and Ovaltine). They love it and I never know how and why they love it.

Tabliya is made of roasted and ground/liquefied cacao. Let cooled in a molder to give a tablet like appearance. The recommended mode of preparations are the two methods I mentioned above. Just placing it in hot water can be done but not recommended.

To demonstrate:

The three broken tabliya pieces:

three tabliya fragments in cup

Added with hot water. Mix thoroughly with a spoon. The resulting mixture:

undisolved tabliya tablets

The leftover.

tabliya leftover

The taste: It is good but not as good as boiled or blended tabliya. It is not even half close. The numerous undissolved lumps are annoying. The drink looks like water filled with mud.

Cocoa Balls | The Mortar and Pestle Method

No manual / electric grinder and molder to make cacoa tablets. Stop crying! Mortar and pestle will do its best to get the job done.

1) Prepare the cacoa nibs. See How to Make Native Chocolate Tabliya for procedure.

2) Place the cocoa nibs in a small ordinary frying pan. Roast for about 15 minutes to awaken the cocoa oil. The term “tulog or sleeping” is applied to oil in its solid state, “gising or awake” when in liquid form. Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature. Heating will melt it and facilitate the cocao making process later.

freshly roasted cocoa nibs

3) Get the mortar and pestle. The size of this tool will determine how fast you can make cacoa balls. Using a small kitchen type probably takes 15 to 30 minutes per two inches diameter ball. The large lusong – about few minutes only. Use the larger for making hundreds of balls.

4) Measure enough cocoa nibs and place it in. Then pound with all might to a gummy consistency. Longer pounding time will create finer and more liquid cacoa. Nibs can be pounded right away without re-heating. The heat produces by collision is enough to melt the butter – longer pounding time and finer particles.

pound to liquor

pressing in palm two

5) Scoop out the gummy cocoa and press it in palm several times. Roll it in between palms for final touch.

freshly made cocoa balls

This was the old fashioned way of making chocolate before the sophisticated equipment were invented. It usually result to products of inconsistent quality. The carahay roasting and mortar and pestle method of grinding are hard to control.

Tabliya Chocolate Sauce for Suman

Some of my friends keep on insisting that tabliya is a good sauce for suman. I wanted to try but suman is only available once a year. That is during All Saints Day. Some areas are making suman all year round because it is an integral part of their culture. Other do it as source of income. Unfortunately, we only make suman during the All Saints season. Several seasons have passed, several seasons of forgetfulness.

The idea is – measure equal amounts of sugar and tabliya. Cook it with small portion of water until sticky. The consistency should be close to mayonnaise. Adjust tabliya amount for  chocolate flavor. Adjust sugar for sweetness. Adjust water amount for fluidity.

I was lucky this year. I remembered the idea of tabliya chocolate sauce for suman. I told my better half about it. She refused several times. She was insisting that chocolate and rice cake are not good combination.

I won the argument. She made about half cup sauce. She tried it and was very amazed. She said several times that it was very delectable.

suman and tabliya chocolate sauce

Ice Cold Chocolate Drink with Pinipig

ice cold tablea with pinipig

Pinipig – also known as pounded young glutenous rice or maybe flatten young glutenous rice is the more appropriate term.

The common household preparation for pinipig is – Mixture of water, young coconut meat, young coconut water, sugar and milk. The mixture is place inside the refrigerator to make it ice cold and to soften the pinipig. The preparation is often serve as merienda / snacks.

She brought home some pinipig that she bought from Magallanes town. She want buko with it – as mentioned above. But, I gonna try something different – Ice cold chocolate drink with pinipig.

1) Boil two pieces pure tabliya (approximately 29 grams) in one liter water for 30 minutes.
2) Add five tablespoons of brown sugar and small can of evaporated milk. More can be added if desired.
3) Remove from heat and cool.
4) Cool inside refrigerator.
5) To serve: Shake well and pour into cup, add at least two tablespoons of pinipig per cup.  Add ice cubes.

ice cold tablea with pinipig

How to Make Champorado Using Native Chocolate/Tabliya


This recipe is very easy and you can find this written on label of your favorite native chocolate tablea. The best rice suited for this is malagkit or the glutenous rice. However, ordinary polished rice and the healthier brown rice can be turned to a delicious champorado. This is also a great way to use bahaw at tutong, a clean left-over rice in rice cooker.

1. Bring to boil 6 cups water and one cup glutenous rice.
2. Add 4 cacao tablets (68 grams tabliya with sugar or 34 grams or pure baking chocolate) and five heaping tablespoon of sugar. Proportions maybe adjusted according to your taste preference. A healthier muscovado sugar can be used instead.
3. Stir occasionally. Cook until the rice is soft.
4. Serve hot. Add milk if desired.