Health Benefits Of Paragis

Guyabano became popular in treating cancer. Tawa-tawa is well known for dengue. The first is a common fruit while the second is a common grass. Now there is another weed up to stardome. It is none other than paragis. 

Paragis is one off the grasses I hate the most. The other three are  cogon, mutha and sili-silihan. 

Why? This weed grows almost everywhere. From nutrient rich soil to sandy and rocky land. From wide open area and in between cemented floor cracks. 

Weeds compete with plants for nutrients. However it is not the reason why I hate it. It is because it its very hard to pull up. When we were still working in father’s farm. He was always requiring us to pull everyone of them.  Remove down to its roots, else, it re-grows in no time. There was always a lot of them, so we were pulling a lot too.

 I guess it is time for a change of heart. The weed I hate created a hype via social media, tv and local conversations.  They are saying it can cure many diseases.  The likes of diabetes, myoma, intestinal worms, urine problems, high blood pressure, fever, dandruff and dysentery.  The roots, stalks and leaves are boiled and the resulting concoction is drunk. 

Maybe it has more. All is need are research and clinical trials.

The weed also caught the attention of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. The crew interviewed several personalities proving the weed efficacy.  They also included some medical experts. Some are against it. Not to be surprised of. Some are on its side. Saying it can really be used as natural medication. 

It is a long  alternative medicine in Africa.  It is a bionic drug to this country. Meaning, it can cure both humans and animals.  It has no toxicity history and has substances of known medical properties. 

Sadly, like guyabano and tawa-tawa. It is not included in DOH approved medicinal herbs. The approval process wood take very long for sure.   If they don’t start the process, then I would not happen till the rest of eternity. 

Paragis has a scientific name of Eleusine indica. Also known as wire grass, goose grass and dog’s tail.  I think this is what we call carabao grass.

A Soap Opera Endorsement for Tawa Tawa Herb

I guess the increasing popularity of tawa tawa plant can’t be stopped. Academic and research institutions have been studying it and seeing positive results. The Department of Health which previously discouraging its use took back their words. They never gave any recommendations though.

Hope it become one of the approved herbal medicine soon.

Recently it got a free television endorsement thru “Please Be Careful With My Heart” of ABS-CBN. I never know if it was a coincidence, a good Samaritan paid the cost, or they were really intend to help those who are in need.

The story goes like this.

Maya had dengue and was hospitalized. Her blood platelet count became significantly low that she was placed under intensive care unit. Her relatives gather tawa tawa herbs, washed, boiled and brought it to hospital. Maya drank it. Then her platelet count went up after. I have no idea about the approximate period but it was something miraculously short.

Can We Use Tawa Tawa to Treat Chikunguya?

City Health Office of Davao del Sur confirmed one patient was positive for chikunguya infection. It was also mentioned, roughly 15 people died from the disease since last January (reported July 16 2013).

Four residents were found positive for chikunguya at Kidapawan City (reported July 4, 2013).

There was chikunguya outbreak in Patnogon, Antique caused by prolific mosquitoes which carry both chikunguya and dengue viruses. About 303 residents were affected but, thankfully, no records of death. The news was confirmed by the Department of Health (DOH) (reported June 30, 2013).

What is Chikunguya?

It is a viral disease carried by Aedes egypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. An alphavirus belonging to family Togaviridae. Symptoms includes fever (40°C), persistent headache, red eyes, difficulty in direct looking at light, nausea, measles-like rashes and fatigue. May include severe joint pains and swelling. Symptoms manifest between one to two days and lasting between 3 to 10 days.

Why do I have the weird feeling that my recent fever was a chikunguya. I had a very persistent headache, body temperature was 39°C + and my eyesight became blur that I could hardly read and watch tv.

Is Chikunguya dangerous?

The disease is rarely fatal and self-limiting. It is not as dangerous as dengue. Treatment include taking bed rest, fluids and analgesics. However, severe symptoms requires doctor’s attention. No vaccine or any drug recommended.

Can We Use Tawa Tawa to Treat Chikunguya?

Anectodal literatures tell no harm in using gatas gatas as herbal medicine. It is a popular and effective herbal cure for dengue. It may also cure the less dangerous chikunguya, or it may not. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

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I Personally Used Tawa Tawa to Cure my Fever

I woke up with an aching head. I took a bath. It got better. I drove to office. My head was aching again at lunchtime. I was shivering even if the air-conditioner was set to very low setting.

I drove home while I still can.

Night time, my body temperature was 39°C, about 2 degrees above normal. It was clear that I have a fever and so my mom suggested me to take the alternative cure that our town folks have learned.

Dengue outbreak was on the strike again. People in our barrio whenever have fever are taking tawa tawa decoction as immediate measure. They are saying, it is really a good medicine for lowering down fever, even if it is not a dengue case.

I was also experiencing common colds and intermittent coughing. I needed to drink regularly and moisten my mouth. I used tawa tawa decoction for both purposes.

boiling some tawa tawa herbs

Observed effects. While… I was always perspiring. It seemed the medicinal medicine was forcing my sweat glands to secret fluids to cool off my body. The fever was gone without taking any antibiotic and over-the-counter fever medicine.

My head was still achy while writing this. This medicinal plant seems not good in taking off headache.

Tawa Tawa, Luya and Babana are Possible Dengue Cures | not prohibited but not yet recommended

Tawa tawa, luya and banaba are possible cures for dengue but need intensive studies before it can be promoted to general public. Authorities are not promoting it but also not discouraging its use. They are playing safe I guess. They want to help but also never want to face the blame in the end.

All three herbal medicines are currently subject to various verification studies of institutions like Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and UERM. Experts added that proving efficacy of a herbal medicine really entails hard work.

Ten herbal medicines are currently registered to Food and Drug Administration(FDA). The medicinal plants were subjected under series of long intensive studies before got  approved. Let’s hope the three mentioned plants are next in line.

Latest Department of Health (DOH) list recorded 42,407 dengue cases for the first six months of year 2013.

via gma 24 oras

You May Now Take Tawa Tawa to Cure Dengue

Recently the tawa tawa plant was featured again, in GMA7’s Kape at Balita and 24 Oras.

As per request by the Department of Health (DOH), the University of the East – Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center conducted a one year study, involving 100 persons, to know if the tawa tawa is effective against dengue.

Study results will go on public on June 2013 via scientific conference. When and where the announcement is scheduled is not clear. However, Dr. Josefina Carlos gave a glimpse of their findings.

The herb could be found almost everywhere, it is free and would be very useful if found effective, and with no negative side effects. Since year 1950, there has historical and anecdotal experiences about tawa tawa’s action against dengue, here and in other countries. It has no noted side effects, thus could be taken safely in case dengue strikes.
Tawa tawa dosage is the problem. How much and how often it should be taken is not established yet.

The herb tawa tawa is also being studied by other universities and institutions like UST and Saint Luke’s