Yet Another Color and Appearance of Tawa Tawa Herb

Tawa tawa herb. The popular alternative cure for dengue fever. It has been tried and tested by many patients. Press to jump and read various cure stories.

Based from my observations, there are two varieties available. The one with light green stalks and leaves. The other appears to have reddish complexion. The stalk, leaves, root systems and flowers are basically the same. Only the color appearance vary.

While cleaning corn experimental area, I noticed another color variation of tawa tawa. Again, all the physical structures are the same, only the color differs. The leaves has prominent dark color on edges. I am not sure if it can be used for dengue treatment too.

Has anyone tried it already? Please note that I am not encouraging anyone to try it.

darker tawa tawaThe plant was found in Cavite State University Nursery grounds.

Another. Look very much like tawa tawa herb but the flower is different. The flower resemble the agave plant. I guessed this one is not applicable for dengue treatment.

agave like flower tawa fakeFound in a place not too far from nursery.

The Rise of Guyabano and Tawa Tawa Capsules

The world have begun to turn backward. People are now practicing the old style of living. When the tablets, vaccines, capsules and syrups are not yet invented, our ancestors were using traditional medicines for treating various diseases. The same trend can be observed nowadays.

Drug companies are joining the bandwagon by creating natural preparations. The perfect example is the Lagundi. The herb is one of the ten herbal medicines approved the Department of Health. It is popular for curing cough. Pascual Laboratories is actively promoting their own version – Ascof Lagundi. Other not so popular brands are also available. Another example is the Ampalaya Plus of Nattural Quality Corporation. Amplaya is known to control blood sugar levels in diabetics.

The tawa tawa herb and guyabano tree are gaining popularity in treating dengue fever and cancer respectively. As of date the two plants are not yet approved by authorities but their effectiveness is backed by lot of testimonies.

Having the two plants nearby when needed is a big relief but a headache for those living in highly urbanized areas. It never grow on cemented land.

It sounds like there’s a demand! It sounds like biznes. Do a little googling and see some folks doing biznes by selling tawa tawa and guyabano capsules.

tawa tawa searchFresh lagundi leaves and whole ampalaya are better than capsules. In case not available, the capsule preparation is a good alternative. Popular  brands passed the test conducted by FDA Philippines and probably safe. The same apply to tawa tawa and guyabano but they are not yet approved by the institution.

Gel capsules can be bought easily from drug stores. Anyone can make a capsule and sell it. He might do it in unsanitary manner or fill in other leaves of unknown properties. Buy at your own risk!

Update: Tawa Tawa and Ginger Extract can Kill Dengue Virus

fresh tawa tawa herb

The initial study result about tawa tawa herb was very promising. And there is more, the spicy ginger gave a promising result too. Laboratory trials showed that 99 percent of dengue viral plaque can be killed by tawawa extract. Ginger extract can kill 56 percent. For the advancement, it will be tested in animals.

Other medicinal herbs included in the study are:

centella / takip suso/ takip kuhol

The study is being done by the Saint Lukes Medical Center through the funding of the Department of Science and technology (DOST).

The Department of Health (DOH) stated: Taking tawa tawa herb as dengue cure is not yet recommended. It is still best to go to hospital as early as possible for treatment.

Other Uses and Medicinal Benefits of Tawa-tawa/Gatas-gatas Plant

wild tawa tawa plant

The potency of tawa-tawa as dengue cure is proven not only by studies but by a series of people testimonies. It can cure dengue fever even at its late stage, stage four.

Click here to jump and read several testimonies.

Tawa-tawa is also known as gatas-gatas and with a scientific name of Euphorbia hirta. Its uses never stop at treating dengue fever cause it can be used to relieve variety of illness.

1) Antibacterial / Antimicrobial. It is antibacterial and noncytotoxic (not toxic to cells). Plant ethanol extracts are found to inhibit bacterial growth. Also effective against amoeba and fungal infection.  Prepare 25 grams plant per two cups water. Boil for three minutes. Take three to five cups a day.

2) Antiasthmatic. The herb is good for asthmatic persons. It breaks up mucus and relaxes spasm. It is combined with bronchial sedatives in inhaler preparation. Steep one teaspoon of leaves per cup of water for ten minutes. Take three to four glasses a day. May also be form into cigarette – burn and inhale smoke.

3) Antidiuretic. Drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages promotes excretion of body fluids, diuretic effect.  Rapid loss of body fluids is also experienced by person suffering from diarrhea or loose bowel movement. Too much dehydration can be fatal.

Gatas-gatas is different. It has antidiuretic effect. It contain active extracts of phytochemical tannins and flavonoids that promote water adsorption and electrolyte re-absorption. Indication is similar to antibacterial.

4) Anthelmintic effect. Tawa-tawa is an effective worms and its eggs killer, dewormer. Application is same as antibacterial.

5) Antihypertensive. It counteract high blood pressure by inhibiting the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme and increasing urine output and electrolytes. Steep one to three teaspoons of leaves in one cup water for five minutes. Drink two glasses as tonic.

wild tawa tawa plant

6) Sedative. Help in threating anxiety. Mode of application is the same as antibacterial.

7) Antidysentery. Dysentery – an infection of the intestines marked by severe diarrhea. Taking in small quantities calm the digestive system but large doses has purgative effect. Steep one teaspoon leaves in one cup water for ten minutes. Take four glasses a day.

8) Antispasmodic. It contains shikinic acid and choline that are  responsible for stopping early and late stage allergy. Application is similar to antibacterial.

9) Treatment of skin diseases. Good for treatment of sores, boils, warts, fungi and open wounds. Threating open wounds will turn skin to bluish black. Apply fresh latex to sores, boils, warts, fungi and open wounds. Sprinkle dried or fresh powdered leaves as wound dressings.

10) Galactagogue. A breast milk stimulant. Massage fresh latex to breast to increase milk flow. Root decoction maybe taken – preparation is same as antibacterial.

Tawa-tawa is indeed effective but should be taken with caution. Large doses may cause gastrointestinal reaction, nausea and vomiting. Prolonged intake may interfere with iron adsorption. Not recommended for pregnant women.

How to Make Tawa Tawa Tea for Dengue Treatment


I just heard the news from GMA 7 that tawa tawa weed can cure dengue fever and it was scientifically proven.

Tawa tawa herb looks like this.


I want that herb cause we have a three months old baby. This illness is very dangerous and can take lives if not treated immediately. I gonna find this herb soon and plant it in our garden.

According to my internet browser, this is how to make tawa tawa tea for dengue treatment.

Tea Making Procedures
•Take 5 to 6 full whole Tawa Tawa plants
•Cut off the roots
•Wash and clean
•Fill a boiling pot with clean water
•Boil the Tawa Tawa for one minute in a slow rolling boil
•Let the dengue fever victim drink only the Tawa Tawa water for 24 hours
•Sip 1 to 1.5 glasses of Tawa Tawa water every hour

The internal hemorrhaging will stop and the dengue fever will be cured within 24 hours.

I better hurry. I want to evaluate the tea myself. I want to make it more drinkable if it tastes bad. Babies don’t want bad tasting stuff.


A day after I went outside my mother’s front yard and saw this plant. Finding this plant was an easy task.

tawa tawa on garden

I prepared a glass of tawa tawa tea just to know what it taste like.

preparing tawa tawa leaves

It has a little sweet and grassy taste. A little of muscovado sugar will make it more pleasant. It tastes better than sambong tea.


Here is the video excerpt from 24 Oras. Always watch the news on GMA 7 to keep you updated.


The Department of Health reported that tawa tawa might increase blood platelet count but they still need further studies.