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Cocoa Hulls/Shells for Making Tea

cocoa shell

This is interesting. The artisans of Undone Chocolate mentioned cocoa hulls make a delicious tea. I never know how, maybe just steeping or boiling a handful of hulls in water will do the trick. Unfermented cocoa bean shells have kind of nasty taste, too bitter and astringent. Fermented shells are kind of woody and dusty […]

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Mangoteen Tea by Irma

Forgetting about our health due to busy schedule. I used to walk around the campus every 5 pm but now missing it for months. I opt to take daily dose of vitamin and mineral tablet but it seems not enough due to stressful work. Waking up early in the morning and sleeping very late at […]

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Unlimited Rice and Tea to All

This was not the first time I ate at Karate Kid Restaurant. I am hoping it was not the last. After finishing the tea, she called the waiter and asked for refill. The waiter smiled. After a few moment, he grabbed the tea pitcher, came near to us and said, “Mam, your order was regular […]

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Numi Organic Pu-erh Ancient Healing Tea

Mango Pu-erh Tea with Passion Fruit. It has 75% more antioxidants and has 40% less sugar than most iced teas. Independent ORAC test compare’s Numi’s Mango Pu-erh bottled ice tea to the average leading black ice tea brands. Mango Pu-erh has 163 while leading black iced tea brands have 93. ORAC measures antioxidant capacity (umoles of TE/oz) in […]

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