Bulanglang with Tofu

vegetable bulanglang with tofu


1 cup squash, sliced
1 cup pole sitao, cut
1 cup ampalaya, sliced
1 cup eggplant, quartered
2 tomatoes, quartered
2 onions, sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced
3 blocks tofu, quartered
vegetable oil for sautéing
fish sauce to taste

Cooking Instructions

Saute minced garlic and sliced onion in a pan until golden brown. Add quartered tomatoes. Drop in vegetables. Add one cup water then boil for 15 minutes. Add two tablespoons fish sauce or to taste. Top the fried tofu. Serve. Good for five persons.

Use tokwa instead to lessen to much consumption of unhealthy meat.

Is It A Bad Tokwa?

How to tell if your stored tokwa is bad already? Well, it is very easy and never require advanced science. If it looks different from the time when you bought it, then perhaps it is spoiled. If it smells bad, feels bad and looks bad, then it is time to discard it and buy a fresh stock. Sense of taste is a very good way of telling whether it is bad or good but it shouldn’t be the first option. Spoiled goods come with the danger of food poisoning.

This tofu has been stored below freezer compartment for almost three weeks. It has evidence of discoloration and mold growth if I was not mistaken. There was a very faint off odor when sniffed. The disagreeable smell was gone after slicing off the outer tofu layer.

perhaps a spoiled tofuWould you dare cook and eat it?  It is tricky! There might be more than your eyes could see, more than your noses could smell and more than your tongue can taste. The usual answer is “no” but we are doing the yes more often. Removing the green part of potato and cooking the rest. Eating one side of a ripe mango and throwing the other part cause it is bad. Trimming the cracked part of dragon fruit before eating.

My decision was NO, her’s was YES. She cooked and we ate it.

How to Make Tokwa Bunless Burger

A burger can be made of two patties with vegetables and fruits in between – no buns. I saw this idea on television. It was popularized by a fast food chain I cannot remember.

I made my own bunless burger but I never used meat of any kind. I used tokwa instead. Perhaps you never needed to read the rest if you know how to make chicken nuggets.

Get tokwa blocks. Divide it to three parts using a thin sharp knife. Handle it with care, tofu breaks easily.

tokwa slices

Coat the tokwa slice with flour, dip it in beaten egg and roll on bread crumbs. Do the same for the rest.

breaded tokwa slices

Deep fry in oil over a low heat flame until golden brown. Place in a strainer or on a clean towel to drain off excess oil.

breaded and fried tokwa

The best part. Get one tokwa patty.  Place slices of crunchy ripe tomatoes and slices of apples on top. Get another patty and place it on fruit slices.

bun-less tokwa burger

Eating time!

How to Make Tokwa Nuggets

1) Divide tofu. The size should be smaller than regular chicken nuggets. The breading will make its size bigger. Set aside.

2) Get three saucers. Place all-purpose flour on the first. A gently beaten egg on the second. Bread crumbs on the third. Bread crumbs could be a plain bread crumbs from bakery, a package bread crumbs on grocery shelves, a delicious potato chips or any cracker of choice. Potato chip is expected to give a more delectable taste.

3) Roll a piece of tofu on flour. Dip it in beaten egg and roll it well on bread crumbs. Do the same for the remaining tokwa slices. All sides must be well coated with flour, egg and crumbs.  Tokwa is fragile – handle it with care.

breaded tofu

4) Set the stove flame to low. Place a pan with enough cooking oil. Fry the nuggets until golden brown. Remove from heat and place in a strainer or on a clean towel to remove excess oil.

tokwa tofu nuggets

For me, a plain fried tokwa is nothing without fried pork and good sauce. However, this one is different. A crunchy coating and a soft filling. It taste delectable even without a sauce.

This one is a good alternative for meat haters.

The same breading technique is applicable to chicken, pork, beef, fish and shrimp.

The Tomato Tokwa Chao Fan

I had a cold and felt like sleeping all day. I did slept from 9 am to 11 am and 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. It was a good thing my baby boy had the same appetite for sleep.

Before taking afternoon sleep, I mashed the leftover rice to loosen its grains. Then I placed it inside refrigerator. The purpose was to prepare it for fried rice. My friend Dennis told me about this technique.

Then afternoon sleep ….zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Lot of sleep and drinking water are essential for cold curing.

The only suitable ingredient left in fridge are tomatoes and tofu. I thought these two are enough compliment. I fried the cubed tofu and set it aside. Sauteed onions. I added the rice and tofu and fried it for about ten minutes. I mixed soy soy sauce and fish sauce to taste. The two condiments are not usually used together but I am doing it often. I topped it with sliced crunchy tomatoes.

My baby boy woke up after after I finished cooking. We ate the yummy chao fan together.

The mashing and cooling of rice in fridge was a good idea. It resulted to a better fried rice texture.

Simple Tips For Frying Tofu/Tokwa

Fried tokwa is  one of the easiest food to prepare. As the term  “fry” implies, just soak it in hot oil and wait until it is golden brown. It is really easy for persons who know how to do it right but a disaster otherwise. Tofu will stick to pan and it will end up like a scrambled egg.

Why does tokwa stick to frying pan. Tofu is made of soya which is a rich protein source. Protein is responsible for sticking. The slow process of heating protein turn itself to glue and sticking to pan surface firmly.

Then how can we prevent tofu from sticking to pan surface:

1) Tofu are stored soaked in waters. Drain enough water before frying. If you are storing it in refrigerator, take it out two hour before cooking.

2) Cut to desired sizes prior to cooking. Small pieces are quicker to cook than whole block.

3) Use a clean pan and new cooking oil. Set the oil temperature high enough before adding the tofu.

The theory behind is to set the tofu protein as quick as possible so it won’t have time to stick to pan.

Is your tofu cooking technique still a failure? Use a non-stick pan instead.

fried tofu tokwa on plate